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Dark comedy satires obviously aren’t for everyone. I thought “Don’t Look Up” was pretty good. It was in the same vein as “Dr. Strangelove” was about the Cold War or “S.O.B. “was about the movie business. No, it’s not as good as “Strangelove” but it might the equal of “SOB” or “Being There.”


I had the same thought when I was watching it.


It made me want to watch SOB again. Something about a drunk Julie Andrews asking, “Have you come to see my boobies?” was a real gut buster to me.


How To with John Wilson, on HBO, Hilarious!

Now the earlier seasons of FBI are fully available to watch, I am bingeing the seasons I haven’t seen…between football games,

Check out this guy.
Most mind blowing ski vid (which is saying a lot…)


I finally binged this one over two days. I’ve officially heard the song “Get Back” enough times in my life. The development process was exceedingly fascinating, as well as the rooftop concert with the bobbies who looked about 12 and uncertain how to arrest musicians having fun. I also liked watching the scenes where the band just joked around with each other or jammed little pieces.

Now I need to go find other things to binge on Disney+ before I cancel it in a couple weeks. Already did the Hamilton thing a bajillion times.

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John Paul Jones Interview 2003


Spielberg doing a Musical is exactly what you expect. Perfection:

I watched the new Matrix movie on HBO Max last night. I typically have a policy of not watching movies scoring lower than 80% on Rotten Tomatoes with audiences but it was a boring night now we are semi back to staying away from people.

It actually was pretty good despite my expectations being at the floor. Those low expectations may be why I liked it. The story isn’t that original but if you are looking for some action and nostalgia and even some humor I think you’ll enjoy it. If you are a fanboy or expecting so awesome reboot you’ll likely be disappointed.

Fine. I will watch it. I have stayed away from this one for the same reason. I watched two yesterday. One is my Top 5 and one is Oscar potential that is a one view type movie.

Now one of my Top 5 for 2021:

Cage is Cage. When he’s on he’s brilliant. This one he is brilliant and may win another Oscar.

This one made me uncomfortable the way it was intended. Olivia Coleman is so good:

We saw it opening weekend. Someone asked me what grade I would give it. I told him, B-. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped, but it was decent. It was definitely a film for the Matrix fans. A non-Matrix fan wouldn’t have cared as much, but could still follow the story. I would have liked to see it go deeper into motives and philosophy, instead it was pretty surface level stuff.

Was bored and watched Don’t Look Up on Netflix. Pretty much summarizes how we are as a society today. Perhaps will be this generation’s Idiocracy, which still holds.


I feel “Don’t Look Up” was a movie that thought it was funny but wasn’t. They really needed a couple more writers on that script. “VEEP” accomplishes what they were trying more seamlessly.


Exactly. Hit a couple notes, but never the chord. Trying to be satire but documentary style. Over stereotyped some characters but not others. The main point (look up or don’t look up) really was crushed into 5 minutes. I kept looking at the clock and asking ‘how is there still another hour to fill?’ Netflix feels they can get a couple known actors, throw it together, and it’s got to be good right?

This has BIG THEATER KID energy. Not gonna lie. I liked it. Garfield is having a year. He is great in this but if that Glee type of singing annoys you this will not be your bag. I am not a huge fan of this type of musical theater but it still was a very good movie with great storytelling elements. 7.5/10

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Thanks for posting this, been a while since I’ve watched it.

Amazing how applicable that entire speech is to our current times (especially around the urgency of democracy), and not just the single line that so often gets misused.


His best speech, to me, was his final speech: