What I’m watching

I’d actually be kinda interested to hear the opinion of someone who wasn’t familiar with the original. Maybe it’d click better, or maybe they’d think it was an even more convoluted mess. I dunno.

I plan on watching so I will report back.

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Plan on watching this:
Jonah Hill Playing Jerry Garcia in Martin Scorsese Dead Film | Saving Country Music

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I started to watch and got through two episodes. Not really for me. It has a somewhat “Scott Pilgrim” vibe but it came off as low budget. Maybe it got better but wasn’t enough to keep me.

Just watched on HBO Max (also in theaters). So good:

If you like J.Geils Band your gonna like this one by Peter Wolf. I’d forgotten about it till I heard it on Little Steven’s Underground Garage the other day.

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Queued it up based on this post. I thought it was mostly okay-not-great. The wife fell asleep. I actually really liked the real-life vignettes in the credits. I was not really aware of the Williams sisters when they were teens.

Now watching Cowboy Bebop, never saw the original. I’m fairly confused now.

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If anyone is considering the live version, I would strongly recommend watching the anime instead (it’s also on Netflix). The original is considered one of the “standard bearers” of modern anime, and is one of the very few anime shows I would recommend to people who weren’t already fans of the genre. It’s a truly fantastic, stylish, fun, engaging show.

The live-action remake has it’s moments (mostly based on nostalgia if you’ve watched the original), but I imagine it would fall completely flat if you came in cold without the benefit of nostalgia. It’s mediocre, at best.

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Why did they need to do a live Cowboy Beebop when Firefly could’ve simply been rebooted?

Truly one of the great mysteries.

:man_shrugging: To each his own. I was very aware of them due to working in Sports Media back then. FWIW, tons of Oscar buzz. May be Will Smith’s first Oscar.

I get it though. The hate Richard Williams got in his life and seeing him getting some love and even criticism in the movie was great for me. It showed you could be tough on a kid with a goal in mind and succeed. Also, that you don’t have to buy into a system that says it’s only been done this way. He really attacked the Junior system and Tennis parents in real life.

Williams did ok. Venus and Serena have had amazing lives both inside and outside of tennis. Nobody is a saint, and we all do things that are questionable. Richard did some, too. That noted, had the Williams sisters followed the junior tennis system, it is highly unlikely they would’ve made it to the successes they have had today. That system was (and still is) as discriminatory as hell.

My biggest question in looking at these life cases is when does the price of success become too much? When does the pressure to succeed on a developing child become a crippling mental illness? Competition is a part of the world we live in, regardless of what the trophies for all folks want to believe. We all enjoy our entertainment in sports competitions. But, in the end they are games; and for the “lottery few” they will always be just games. I don’t know how we try to find a balance, but we need to find a balance.

I think the film answers how Richard viewed this and was very conscious that these kids burn out.

We just got back from watching the new Ghostbusters. It was fun, it was nostalgic. I was reminded of Goonies, Gremlins, and obviously the 1st Ghostbusters.

It’s a good popcorn movie. It’s far from great, but it is fun to watch. If you don’t see it in the theater, you’re not missing a ton. I’ll watch it again on Prime or some other streaming subscription. It is worth watching, especially if you want to some good fun that you’re ok taking your kids to.