What I’m watching

Squid Games was amazing but really rough to watch at times.


I noticed that Netflix has a small collection of musical documentaries, and finally got around to watching Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool. If you’re even a casual Miles fan or enjoy jazz at all, you’ll love this. Watching is not required - just close your eyes and listen to almost 2 hours of the some of the best music ever recorded.

If you’re a fan of Kind of Blue, Miles’ break through recording from 1959, you’ll love hearing about how that recording came about.

Edit to say, it never ceases to amaze me that some combination of the lifestyle and seemingly unlimited resources of a successful musician can lead to so many really significant problems with drugs and alcohol.


They also have a series called “This is Pop” which is well done.

Yeah, I finished it last night. I liked it but maybe not as much as others appear to have. Maybe, I just got kind of numb at the end.

It’s the same commentary as “Parasite” about the class system and how the working class is treated. But, it is also a commentary on the way the unregulated loan system of Korea has put so many of the contestants in a situation that this is an option. It also (without spoiling) shows how getting everything you want as a wealthy person also leaves you empty searching for more and often times it takes you to the darkest of places. I could opine longer but that’s a brief summation of what I got from it. I’m interested in what Season 2 will do.

That said, I am rewatching Boardwalk Empire. It’s better on the second watch.

There were a number of things I didn’t like about how they ended it. Without any spoilers, I thought the overall purpose and motivation for the game was a huge let-down, as was the way a couple of the final contestants bowed out.

That said, I still thought it was a great show. The marble episode was maybe the most soul-crushing episode of any TV show ever made. Absolutely brutal.

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It seems like they tried to fit too many twists into the ending; wasn’t crazy about that. Agree, it will be interesting to see where they go with it next season.

I’m on a plane and not thinking about Korea. That’s all I am saying about the ending.