Week 2 games


Meh. Meaningless this early in the season.

I think the ranking is about right. We haven’t proven anything yet.


When you’re talked about preseason as the PAC favorite and a possible CFB team, the FL game was a must, and everything else up to maybe Oregon and USC was meh.

The reality is every game has some crazy thing that can go wrong. We’re fortunate to escape the SUU game without serious injury. But we played against “air”. SUU is rebuilding from scratch.

SDSU will tell us a little more. We’d better beat the Devils in Week 4, Oregon State might be more meaningly by Week 5. Sweep the two new B1G schools from LA and now we’re talking. Perceptions

We have a grind ahead, which is really more of what football is about, underneath all the hype and glitz. Embrace the grind.

Watching the polls will push you into psychosis.


Poll watching only matters in November.

It’s good for message board convo though.


Never make fun of Appalachia or Appalachian people. As someone who married into a family of them it’s just the worst move possible to upset them.


Yeah, polls are definitely popcorn movies right now, more or less meaningless except to get a feel for what the CFP poll will look like. I do have to say it is easy to get over-hyped about early polls. I was miffed by the drop in the AP and the jump by BYU over us. I had to remember it’s early in the season, and much can change week to week.

Damn, that was not smart. App State has proven to be a good program, Jimbo should have made sure his players knew that.

The joke I tell a lot is the only reason my wife married me was because I was the only guy in Utah she WASN’T related to. #PioneerFamily #LargeFamily #OMGIHadNeverBeenInAFamilyCrowdBeforeIGotMarried

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Last week they got you. This week they got us:

Those third and fourth cousins marrying in Utah?

Have been for a long time. :wink:

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Do you realize there is literally NO VALID REASON to ban a 3rd or 4th cousin from marrying?? Hell, a huge amount of time people would never even know they had that relation at all, because of course, once you start adding in all the “X times removed” it becomes asinine to think there’s any need for a barrier at all. The primary reason for that sort of ban/barrier had always been to avoid inbreeding. I believe it is hard to find systemic limitations even on 2nd cousins at this point. Just because some given society has a social taboo about it, doesn’t make it a valid rationale AT ALL. Same attitudes applied to interracial and Same-sex marriages. And we now understand, assuming one isnt trying to use their perverted twisting of a religion to jusitfy it, that that attitude is indefensible to a logical mind.

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I’m starting to think Utah and Alabama are the same state with different weather, terrain and accents. I also have no issues if you want to date inside your family reunion my man. Love is love even if it’s familial I guess.

This is a dumb take. Most people don’t even know who their 3rd and 4th cousins are. In rural areas, there is a good chance that 3rd or 4th cousins make up half of the high school.

Some states (Alabama yes, Utah only if infertile) allow marriage between first cousins. No states ban marriage between 2nd or beyond.

I’ll admit that I did not expect a thread about week 2 college football games to end up in a spirited defense of cousin-marrying, yet here we are.


Kissin' Cousins (1964) - IMDb

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My understanding is that if certain positions are avoided during copulation…

Ok, I can’t keep a straight face.

Skiny’s right, we’ve run off the road, are now assaulting the sage brush with the front of the bus. (If even I can recognize this, we’re in trouble.)

Cease and desist!. Go back to the equal rights young ladies, anthro-nerd topics, how the Eugenites must maintain the honor this weekend, talk about anything else.

In the words of Life Coach Dr Rick, No more talk about cousins


This all reminds me of a basketball game a couple of decades ago when Stanford was playing WVU at home. Their student section chanted “Shallow Gene Pool” through most of every play stoppage that night. For the record, it was the most Stanford fan I have seen show up to ANY event on campus.

Romey glossed the chants as “Highbrow Smack.”


Not sure anyone was talking about a ban on you guys marrying your cousins till homeboy came in like a wreckin’ ball. Also, aren’t LDS folks really good with genealogy? I am and I sure know all my third and fourth cousins. I also know my family moved around so we didn’t swim in the same gene pool.

Wait till we start reciting our version of “The Aristocrats.”


I’m expecting to hear some dueling banjos at any moment now.


Ask and ye shall receive.