Week 2 games

He’ll probably laugh pretty hard at this.

It was too mean-spirited, so deleted it.



The weird thing is I only saw your post but not a link. Remember I am from Los Angeles. We Caucasians of LA County are typically Southern roots, Iowa or LDS. Pretty much a smorgasbord of kissin’ cousins who thankfully mixed with immigrants from other countries and native Latinos. So, if you have Caucasian roots, you probably have a kissin cousin ancestor.

So, what are you people tryinjg to say? Some people’s family tree goes sideways?



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In the interest of full disclosure, I am an inactive member of the LDS Church. I always tell people I am in the Porter Rockwell branch. :wink:



I found out I have 6x great grandfather who converted to LDS after meeting Joseph Smith. He went to Missouri and then I guess got pushed over to Nauvoo, Illinois where he died. He was a pretty old man when he converted to LDS. (I’m related supposedly to a bunch of LDS with the last name Benson allegedly but haven’t really done the digging)

My Family Tree is more like the old First Peoples corn. Very colorful with some strange individuals.


Oh, since we are talking about weird family stuff, here is a doozy.

In doing our genealogy my wife found out I was a descendant of the Putnam family (mom’s side of my family) who ordered the execution of Rebecca Nurse for witchcraft in Salem, MA. Coincidentally my wife is a descendant of Rebecca Nurse (also mom’s side of her family).

I am thinking a road trip back east is in order. :wink:


Yeah, my great whatever aunt was Elizabeth Proctor. I guess we all have witch blood somewhere in our past. lol


AristocRats, or AristoCATS? The diffeence one little letter makes. Now, where did I put my DIsney+ password again?? :nerd_face:

Nah, the only thing Disney about Artistocrats is Iago tells a dirty joke (NSFW VERY NSFW):

Umm I think you’re blurring something here, perhaps by accident… The film I’m referencing is AristoCATS, without the R, that being part of the pun involved. So It is Disney without doubt. Not sure that Disney = “family Freindly” (whatever that bullsh** term is supposed to mean, depending on the person) in every single case… I mean, look at all the infamous Phallic imagery in The Little Mermaid (non-woke version /snicker) and Aladdin! I mean, SOMEONE wasnt looking very closely! HAHAHAHA :scream: :flushed: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Here we go off on another tangent! :grimacing: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy:

I understood. I’m just saying what I was referencing. Also, if we are are going down a color-coded mermaid conversation @RockerUte should probably close it.

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Interesting, considering there was a Benson that was a President of the church, Ezra Taft Benson. He was actually the Secretary of Agriculture under President Eisenhower as well.

Geneaglogy is a fascinating hobby.


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You’re a day late and a dollar short, pardner.

Week 3 starts tonight. So…

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