The pet peeves thread

This article reminded me of a pet peeve…everyone with their hand out expecting a tip. Don’t get me wrong, when eating out and having someone wait on me, a tip is certainly warranted. But expecting a tip when you hand me something over a counter? Or worse yet, when I order and pay online, and they solicit a tip before I receive any service. When the only service performed is cashier? Really?? In reality, I just wish employers would pay wait staff an appropriate wage and increase my food bill.


I completely agree with you, but in reality, way too many don’t, so I more frequently tip in those situations simply to support in a small way, good people working in good restaurants. Too many in the food industry moved on during the pandemic and too many very good establishments closed their doors.


How is Rocker not on this committee?


Why do we call it “Taco Tuesday” when my family hates tacos?

They like burritos…enchiladas…taquitos…and Chile Rellenos.

Damned LeBron! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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That sounds like a personal issue to talk to your family about and…there is something very suspect about anyone who does not love tacos.

Just sayin. :joy:


My short answer to the tipping getting out of control question, is a resounding yes.