The pet peeves thread

Aside from Larry K’s end of game strategies and Whittingham’s conservative play calling, what are your biggest pet peeves?

A few of mine:
-People who chew with their mouths open
-Drivers who don’t signal
-Drivers who don’t let you merge
-Drivers who drive slow in the fast lane
-Slow Drivers in general!! OMG!
-People who are late to everything
-People who “vape” inside
-Hearing people bite their nails
-Most cougar board/cougar stadium antics
-single issue voters
-people who intentionally walk slow in cross walks
-that little string in my pocket that gets caught on my keys!!!

Curious to hear more!

People who won’t go when the light turns green because they’re too busy looking at their f**king phone.


Guys in pickup trucks who tailgate you, even when you’re already doing 80 MPH and you’ve moved out of the fast lane (which is open to them so they could just pass you).


People who haven’t trained their dogs that are of an aggressive breed. (Pits, Rottweilers, etc.)


And a correlation, people who, when the light turns green and they are turning left, only enter the intersection one car length preventing any other cars from turning when the light turns yellow/red.


Yes I hate this too.

My rights don’t end where your feelings begin.

I don’t know. Some of these behaviors could amount to intentional infliction of emotional distress. :wink:

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OK, I hate it when really attractive women wear provocative clothing in church :crazy_face:


LOL! Wrong place to do that!!

People who cluster around the gate at the airport before their boarding group is called and block people whose group has been called from getting to the gate.


That’s why I never go to church.

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People who chew Ice.


Whatever is going on with my iPhone that makes half the current websites come up blank.

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People who walk their dogs to another person’s yard to let them crap, and don’t bother to clean it up.

Next group - people who DO pick up the dog crap, but then throw it in my garbage can - which ends up stinking to high heaven.

Next group - people who take the dog crap with them, by permanently enshrining it in a non-biodegradable bag.

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Beautiful list!

…and have outsized American flags in the middle of their truck bed.

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People who fly with their emotional support service dogs better known as pets flying free.

People who park in handicapped parking places, even though they have the placard, when they are obviously not handicapped.

The USPS, enough said.



Yes people. This is why we bought a ranch in Montana for retirement. We have enough acreage that we don’t need to deal with people. It’s culture shock when I return to SoCal for work.

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Funny you should mention that. Right after I made my earlier post I went out and cleaned up after the neighbors’ dogs who, it appears, are sent over here to do their business. We dog-sit for our kids periodically, and I always take at least two bags with me on walks to pick up after them.