The pet peeves thread

Popped hamstrings!



The agriculture booths at the Nevada/California order. Traffic backup up for miles. Thousands of wasted hours, tons of additional CO2 pumped into the atmosphere, just so they can waive you through.


I have some…

  • people who have their private cell phone conversations in public.

-people from above who are way to loud.

-people who cut you off and slow down when there’s no one on front of them.

  • fans who get over drunk and loud. It’s like they over drink to prove something.

  • people who every game are yelling offensive language constantly. I take my family, my kids to lots of games, why do I have to ask the same people to quit using the f word like punctuation every game?


Anyone who ever makes phone calls in any bathroom public or private.


How about people taking selfies. Just seems to say something about them.


I’ve traveled on and off most of my career, and almost never had this experience with drivers anywhere but Utah, where it happens all the time. They seem to fall into one of two camps:

  • If you’re speeding, they seem to be saying, you’re breaking the law and I’m here in the absence of law enforcement to make sure someone stops you.
  • If you’re not speeding, they seem to be of the opinion, that they are going “fast enough” and they are bound and determined to make sure no one is going faster.

I’m not a prude, and have occasionally sworn up a blue streak with the best of them when the situation/occasion dictates/permits. And it is a football game, to which a lot of men, many without spouses, and many in various stages of inebriation are going to attend, so you need to expect some language you were never going to hear in more polite situations.

That said, over the years, I had to change football season tickets 3 times to avoid being by people who were so bad, that my wife refused to come to games unless we moved. You should be able to expect to bring your wife and young son to a game without hearing constant obscene, vulgar, offensive language, or being physically threatened by someone for politely and quietly asking that they clean their language up a little.

The U has a phone number they publish now that you can anonymously text in reports of problem people, and they do make every reasonable attempt to deal with them, which is a huge improvement over the old days. I don’t plan to ever move again.


We had two groups of tickets to the RB, and both wound up with total bores sitting behind us in seats that were sold to Ute fans. In my case, we were in front of a young couple who were having a spat that was worthy of an immature 17 year old, even though they were in their early 20s. It went on and on throughout the first quarter. Finally the guy walked out of situation. About 15 minutes later the girl left too. Nice way to blow $600 kids.

The second group was in front of a drunk, loud clod who was spilling beer on people and challenging them to fight because he didn’t think they were cheering for Utah enough. I wasn’t in that group, but apparently it was pretty vulgar. Sadly, there isn’t a well advertised number to call for disruptive fan behavior in the RB (at least that any of us noticed), because my BIL who was there said he would have called it and he’s got a pretty high threshold to be offended. People like this ruin it for people all around them and deserve be shown the exits early, imo.


That’s a shame, because really no one should have to put up with that sort of nonsense. particularly when paying RB prices.

Anecdotally, my wife and then 9 year old son went to the Liberty Bowl in 2003 as our first family Bowl Game. We were seated in front of some very loud, drunk boorish Ute fans, using terrible language. and 10 minutes or so into the game I was beside myself trying to figure out what to do.

There were some other Ute fans around us in front and to the left who I could tell were also becoming very upset and tired of the situation. I made eye contact with a few and gave them a look that said, this is terrible for all of us, hoping we could get together enough of a “crowd” to have an impact.

With in a few minutes, a VERY large Autozone employee (Autozone was the sponsor that year) from Memphis (who had to have been a former college offensive lineman) showed up. He was divorced, and enjoying a day with his 4 kids, had no ties to Utah, and was only at the game as he was a football fan, and got the tickets from his employer. He sat with Ute fans and cheered for the Utes, as he had something against Southern Miss.

He sat next to me and we started chatting and got along very well.

He had not been there more then a few minutes when the language became very bad again. He asked me if we had been putting up with this all game, I said yes, and he wondered if anyone had spoken with the offenders. I told him no, but that everyone else in the area was very frustrated as we all had younger children.

He stood up, turned to the louts, and asked politely if they wouldn’t mind keeping the language kid-friendly, please, to which one responded negatively, and suggested that he and his kids move elsewhere if they didn’t like it. He stepped up threateningly to the same level as the louts, and looking down on them patiently reiterated that we (3 or 4 of us other fathers in the immediate area had stood up and faced the men as they told our large friend to leave) had paid good money to take our families out for a pleasant afternoon and had no intention of subjecting them to such vulgar language. He said they were welcome to stay if they could clean up the language, but that otherwise, he would ask his friend, a security guard at the arena, to help them find more appropriate seating.

They grumbled, got up and left, muttering F-bombs louder as they got further away.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a calm, cool headed REALLY BIG guy pulling everyone together in such a situation.

I was unbelievably embarrassed to have those clods in Ute gear, acting that way in the stadium, but in the end, we had a great afternoon, and enjoyed a nice Ute win.


Just for the record, there was a “Mormon” alphabet. It was officially called the Deseret Alphabet.

Not sure if that had anything to do with any accents, but the early people of Utah definitely had their own alphabet. I first heard about it at the This is the Place monument.

I always found it amusing that back in the day when there were county stickers for Utah license plates, the Iron County sticker was spelled as it is pronounced by a lot of native speakers.



Oh, the Iron-y!


When someone constantly over explains something. I had a stroke, I’m not stupid.


When people vape indoors and act like it’s ok. It’s not just water vapor. I can smell it. I can see it. And my PhD dissertation was on indoor air quality.


Vaping is smoking, period. The morons doing it should be turned in and kicked out of the building to get their fix.

Says the guy who used to get tobacco hotboxed by his parents every year when we went on vacation…ok anytime we rode in the car with them.


Every time I see the massive cloud of vapor come out the car window of some vaping driver I’m reminded of Cheech and Chong.


Yes, and you can add “Shorty” from the Scary Movies list, too. :joy::joy::joy:


Day in the life of a salesperson, Act I:

Client: I want to buy this training class for my team. Send me the cost.

Me: Great! There’s a couple things I need to know before I can send over the cost. Like how many people are in your group, and whether you want this to be virtual or in-person training. Can we get on a 5 minute call to discuss so I make sure I send you correct info?

Client: Just send me the price.

Me: OK, you don’t want to do a call. Totally fine. Can you at least let me know these couple things so I know how much to quote you?

Client: Why haven’t you sent me the price?

Me: I need to know these very, very basic pieces of information before I can give you any sort of accurate pricing. If you can just shoot me these two things, I will get the pricing over to you right away.

Client: You’ve made this too difficult, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Me: Sigh…



I oversimplify the hell out of things, but…

I would have given him the price for in-person training for 100 people. Then he would be forced to say, “hey, I only have 10 people and I want it virtual”. Then you can give him the actual price.


That was certainly tempting, but I hate guessing. It always comes back to bite me later (i.e. “We asked SkinyUte for a price and you wouldn’t believe how expensive they were!”) But if I’m going to lose the business anyways, I may as well.



Getting damned customer service survey emails.

All I wanted was the product delivered. I didn’t have contact with anyone in placing or paying for the order. I realize some things might be delayed due to the West Coast currently being IN the Pacific Ocean.

Asking a bunch of questions that have no measurable impact or proven value for the business asking.