The pet peeves thread

I can think of three people I know that would want one of those bad boys to have behind their shoulder in their Zoom pictures.

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But I want them to do it in a way I approve of! :wink:

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These kind of tchotchkes really ought to be given to the players. I didn’t play in the game(s), therefore why would I want a trinket (a very expensive trinket) from it? It’s like wearing a jersey for your “fan” team with someone else’s name on it. Maybe if you’re up to 15 years old on “hero worship.” After that it gets pretty silly.

I love the custom helmets, but feel only a handful of the AL-TJ helmets could be sold if only to fund the scholly, then it should be by individual player’s choice whether that helmet goes into transactional play. The Veterans helmets ought to be used to fund veterans programs at the University; and again it should be by individual player’s choice.

My two cents FWIW.


So fundraise without direct advertising. I’m sure most Ute fans will be able to just sense the opportunities telepathically. That ought to work. :wink:

“Uh if Utah fans could just go ahead and give lots of money to the Athletic department on their own schedule without us asking, that would be great. Mkay?”


New super Peeve. Amazon promoting self published books and then actually taking money to promote these illiterate pieces of garbage “written” without basic editing or any other form of quality screening. This could become its own rant thread but if you have accidentally ordered one you know where I’m coming from.

And apparently people can still buy a few good reviews there too…

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That coincides with a pet peeve of mine. I read plenty of articles now where the editor seems to have gone AWOL. I find grammar and spelling mistakes across many articles. Some of those are sports articles, some are politics, some are general news, etc. Where did the editors go? You know, the folks who are supposed to catch these mistakes.

There have been a few articles that I just gave up on reading because of such poor grammar and/or spelling. It’s not as bad in books, but man it is off putting sometimes.

No I don’t pretend to be a grammarian or spelling NAZI. I’m far from perfect in both areas.


I’m with you. I see poor proof reading, actually it’s probably non-existent, in the Salt Lake Tribune a lot these days. The other day there was an article that actually confused, to/two and there/their. Everyone might get caught up in that with informal writing, especially with the generally incompetent autocorrect, but these are supposed to be pros.

I recently posted about “changing the calculus” in this thread. Here’s another one that was used in today’s Tribune: “Now they’re upping security.” We see “upping” used all the time, often in sports stories. It makes absolutely no sense to me. “Up,” is a direction. To say one is “upping” anything is akin to saying you are “easting” it or “north by northwesting” it. When there are appropriate alternatives like, “enhancing” or “increasing” available, I expect professional writers to use them.


Correct. If one says “up yours”, you wouldn’t later say “he was upping yours”


I prefer to use “knock yourself up.” Makes’em think.


Oh, here are two more.

  • “very unique” – pretty sure “unique” says it all.
    ** “oftentimes” – hmmm, “often” already connotes frequency by itself.



Oftentimes is a grammatically correct term though.


You missed the chance to say, “oftentimes is oftentimes grammatically correct.”

I am disappoint.


You certainly are.


While I’m at it, two commonly used “words” by sports announcers: Trickeration and physicality. The first one is just nonsense. The word is “trickery.” They just spout “trickeration” because they think it’s either cute or makes them sound smart, when in fact neither is true. “Physicality” is actually a word, but it just seems to be an awkward way to say, “They’re more physical.”


I know it’s accepted, but it still does not make sense to me. Hey, it’s a “pet peeves” thread. :slight_smile:

Yes, and to add to that, an oftentimes used reference to catching a football at it’s highest point. No. No, they did not.


But how else are they going to matriculate the ball down the field?


Here’s one to add. Not being told that you’re out of something. Only to find out when you go to grab it for something. In this case, we’re down to 1 single egg. I already went to the store this morning. Didn’t learn about egg(s) until I was going to bake a cake. I’m feeling a bit salty now, on top of not being in a good mood anyway.

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My default is to call from the market.
Every time.
Without fail.
If I dont call, there will be a missing item 100%.
If I do call, 99.357% chance it’s a useless call.
Absolute’s law

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