The official "What are you listening to right now?" thread

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We saw the new Bowie documentary “Moonage Daydream” on IMAX in Vegas last night. For a Bowie superfan like myself, it was a near religious experience. So in Bowie’s honor…

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This has summed up some weeks. It’s always fun to listen to. I really like this live version from 1984 or so.


Was looking at old posts of favorite Led Zep songs and didn’t see mine. Great early live version.


This song popped into my head this morning. Not one of my favorites, but a Ricky Nelson song I actually like.


At the one week mark from the Live launch of World of Warcraft’s Classic server release of "Wrath of the Lich King (Originally released late 2008), I’m reveling in the incredible beautyof this number. From the glory days of Blizzard, before the darkness that was Bobby Kotick swept across everything… Ironically, he was not unlike the plague and devastation that Arthas Menethil inflicted on his way to becoming the Lich King.

Anyway, listen to this and tell me it isn’t one of the most stunning Video Game musical pieces EVAR.

Hell, I actually looked up the lyrics and memorized them. For a made up language, it’s clear there is some heavy Latin influence in it.

Been playing WoW again, thx to this “rerelease.” The music has been fun and nostalgic.

O RLY? Care to bettletag up? My Retail sub just lapsed, and I have LK classic installed, as well as just getting the email informing me I have DF beta access… But I want to get in in the LK launch hype , since I didnt start playing WOW until Sept 11, 2009 (easy date to remember), while Trial of the Crusader was in vogue.

DUh forgot to share:

Common lyrics:

Comilito equinus, orbitas lacuna.
G’odhun al korokh boda uhm.
Boda uhm ron’kashal, detrementum a do sola,

An Karanir Thanagor, Mor Ok Angalor.
Mor Ok Gorum ,Pala Ah’m.
Ravali Ah’m.

English translation

O steed, stalwart companion.
I mourn your loss.
Even in death, first in battle,
last to retreat, even so in death.
Alas, I have lost a part of myself.

Long live the king
May his reign last forever
May his strength Fail him never.

I was just in Austin and saw an old, dear buddy in a neighborhood dive bar: The Long Play Lounge East.
He’s actually a tech guy by day, but a gifted multi-instrumentalist.
Anyway, they played Gypsy-Jazz: people were Lindy-Hopping, food truck in the courtyard, 400+ records on the wall, when bands aren’t giging. Lot’s of character and a couple characters to boot.
Like a step back in time.

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My guess is this will appeal to a broad group here vs a lot of the stuff I post. This is from the lead singer of Supergrass, a band I never really cared that much about. But this has been on repeat for a few days.

They’ve been playing this recently on Underground Garage. I thought it was new and found out it’s about 30 years old. Kind of a more “musical’ Sex Pistols.


Los Lobos tonight! They rocked the house !!!


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