The official "What are you listening to right now?" thread

I thought we could use a thread for this.

Lately, I’ve been on a John Lennon kick, and find myself listening to some of my favorite Beatles songs by him. Today while doing some house cleaning I had Abbey Road on and “Mean Mr. Mustard” came on. It exemplifies the Lennon sound in my opinion, and I absolutely love it. According to him, it was “just a bit of crap” he wrote in India. The eight-song medley on side two of Abbey Road is really pretty fun to listen to, with the Lennon contributions being my favorite.

I have also been listening to Sam Cooke, and quite love a compilation of his greatest hits from 1962. While “You Send Me” is probably his most well known and beloved song most of what I’ve heard from his catalog is just awesome. The circumstances surrounding his death are shrouded in controversy and are quite tragic. Truly a great loss, as he was only 33 or so when he died.

Also, for whatever reason, the Alice In Chains “Dirt” album has been on constant rotation for over a year now. During my workouts, I’ve been listening to lots of Wu-Tang and RATM.

At this moment I’m listening to Moody Blues “In Search of the Lost Chord”. Like to dust them off and give them a listen now and again.

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Abbey Road is one of my favorite albums of all time, particularly the Lennon stuff (although I think he must have been more like 40 when he was killed).

Just finished listening to two things:

  1. The arpeggio style accompaniment Keith Richards did on the “Let It Bleed” version of “Love in Vain”. Haven’t played it in years and had to remind myself of how he played certain parts.
  2. Allman Brothers - Live at the Fillmore… although as soon as I heard the version of “Stormy Monday”, I got distracted and had to listed to the older Stormy Monday versions played by Bobby Bland and T-Bone Walker.

All great stuff!


I’ve been listening to a ton of “outlaw” country: so Waylon, Willie, Jerry Reed, a new guy that BamaFan introduced me to --Colton can’t recall his last name, Johnny Cash, etc. This genre helps me with working on bikes.

I’ve thrown in some Rammstein, Metallica, Alice in Chains, NIN, Stan Ridgway for variety.

I ran errands and forgot about “the day before” Super Bowl traffic/activity. So I listened to a lot of Grateful Dead on their Sirius XM chanel in the car

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Johnny Clegg Live at the Nelson Mandela Theatre.

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“Sola Mio”. Some family is visiting from Italy, and figured out how to communicate with our google home. Still better than country.

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My favorite Beatle album: Revolver

My favorite Beatle song: In My Life


Both great choices. I love Revolver.

I’ve never listened to Rammstein. Metallica is great, especially their first few albums. Love AIC and NIN. Stan Ridgway from Wall of Voodoo? Sweet!

The same Stan Ridgway. Something about German and Metal that go well together, part of why I like Rammstein.


Bridge of Sighs by Robin Trower and Lotus by Santana along with Bitches Brew from Miles Davis

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I hear they’re great. Late 70s Krautrock, right?

I love Taxman
Holy ■■■■! That’s 1966

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Rammstein? Nah, their very current. The band members did grow up in Ea. Germany, and iirc their bio says that they’re still bothered by how the Ossies (Ea. Germans) are treated by the W. German natives. That anger, and frustration sometimes comes out in their music. I hear that they put on a hell of a live show.

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It’s been an extreme metal sort of evening. Spun a few different albums while playing some new board games tonight (Descent 2nd Edition and Marvel Legendary are both fantastic, btw):

  • Sigh, “Scenes From Hell”
  • Death, “Human”
  • Vallenfyre, “Fear Those Who Fear Him”
  • Anaal Nathrakh, “A New Kind of Horror”
  • Skeletonwitch, “Forever Abomination”

today I’m ratcheting up Clapton and Stevie Ray.

I was responding to Rocker!

I like Clapton with Cream. Stevie Ray is awesome. His performance at the El Macumbo is great. The most technically talented blues guitarist ever IMO.