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I’ve loved Melody’s voice for near a decade. Such a great artist with little acclaim:


Here’s a question for the older group on the board…

Mountain supposedly played a concert in SLC at the Union Building sometime in 1969-1972 time frame.

Was anyone there?

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I have no idea about Mountain but I’m pretty sure the Grateful Dead played the Union Ballroom in that same timeframe.

Edit to add: They did play the Union. Here was the setlist: Grateful Dead Concert Setlist at Student Union Ballroom, University of Utah, Salt Lake City on April 12, 1969 |

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They Did! I know this show fairly well. It sounds like there’s maybe 50 people there :wink:
The show has a fairly high rating amongst the “taper” crowd and its a worthy listen from a very blues driven time period transitioning to a more elective and expansive catalogue.

I saw the poster from that event in a record store in Sugar House (Forgot the name/No longer there) across from the B&N. I had a young chemistry professor at the U - whom despite being a quintessential nerdy, straight an narrow kind of academic - really loved the Dead. Loved them…
So, I found the poster for that particular event in the the aforementioned record store and bought if for about $30 in or around 2003. While I’m happy that I and a couple others students gave him the poster, I sure wish I had it now…

Can you imagine the Grateful Dead caravan et al… coming into Utah in 1969?!.
It must have been like an Alien Space landing. That took fortitude on their part.

Here is a very reliable - if not defacto - source for all GD (and many other band bootlegs). Note the nerdy but quite interesting taper dialogue, i.e microphone type, and tape deck types, local sound dynamics, boom set-ups etc… The Dead cared a lot about how they sounded and were one of the only bands that allowed people who paid for a ticket to “own” the music: which not only contributed to improving they’re sound quality and style of play, but also cemented an ongoing and permanent underground presence. This is why they are still selling out stadiums 50+ year later with checkered album sales.

Basically, everyone’s brother or sister got a tape in college and passed them on and on and on and on again:

Grateful Dead Live at Student Union Ballroom, U. Utah on 1969-04-12 : Free Borrow & Streaming…


There were several concerts in the Union Ballroom in those days. I was about 13-15 years old, in that timeframe and went to several of them - I did not see the Dead, unfortunately, but knew peoplle that went :frowning:

My guitar teacher, a young guy, sat in with the Steve Miller band at the Union Ballroom around 1972.

I was told, in about 1974 or 1975, that Mountain played at the Union Ballroom sometime in the '69-'71 timeframe, and that Leslie West, smashed an old Gibson Melody Maker guitar and threw it into the crowd. I’ve never met anyone though that was there to confirm that. I was given supposedly the Melody Maker that he smashed by the persons that told me the story. The neck was broken off at the body. I had the guitar repaired by a good luthier, and still have it.

I’d be interested to know if the story I heard about the guitar was true.


Here’s some info on the poster for the show:
Reviewer: Pulver@Noyo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 14, 2008
Subject: Poster from this show
I have an original poster from this show and it’s one of my most cherished wall ornaments. It’s also a VERY rare poster. Only 300 originals made. The kid resting a ES335 knock-off, with head phones going from the guitar to his ears, against his body and the rainbow rocker over the top. I always wondered who Spirit of Creation was though…The warm-up act on the bill. The artist is Richard Taylor, of Rainbow Jam (early computerized light shows) fame back then. I got to meet him this past year and have him sign my poster in San Anselmo. He was a real nice guy.

Cool show considering the venue and the times. I didn’t know that Utah could actually be a cool (well, sort of cool anyway) place until 1985, when I finally went there to hike and do some desert and mountain camping.


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Synchronicity was a true masterpiece of its day. Every Breath You Take is STILL used constantly these days!

But the genius that was Synchronicity II is truly timeless. The mental images the lyrics provoke are unforgettable.

Man, the very IDEA of a 4:33 long song these days is literally inconceivable. I am so glad I was in early college days when this came out it’s one of the really good memories from that time for me.



Behemoth, Arch Enemy, and Napalm Death put on an absolutely KILLER show at The Depot tonight.

I’m going to be sore as hell tomorrow, but it was totally worth it. The Behemoth mosh pit was nuts. In retrospect, 47 is probably a bit too old to be doing that sort of thing but…that’s why they invented Advil. :blush:

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What do you think of Carcas?
I ask, because I remember seeing a video in like 1983.
I’m generally ignorant of most Metal; which like Rap, has been around longer than “Rock & Roll” was.

I love Carcass, especially their resurgence over the last few years. “Surgical Steel” was a brilliant album that came out of nowhere and caught everyone by surprise. One of the first bands to really lean into the “horror metal” aesthetic, but with stellar musicianship. They’ve got hooks and riffs for days. :blush:

Seen them a couple times, and they always put on a fantastic show. Will be catching them again at the Psycho Festival in Vegas last weekend of August,

I’m going back and listing to some of the great women singers from the 50’s and 60’s and heard this for the first time in a while - the entire album is spectacular, but this tune is one of my favorites of all time:


Great live performance.


Classical Sunday.


Great album about Mental Health and overcoming generation trauma. Kicked it off with a masterpiece of a music video:


great show


Speaking of seeing a show. I am psyched for The Who here in DC on Monday. Here is a taste

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I got to see The Who in about 1975, when Keith Moon was still alive. It was great.