The official "What are you listening to right now?" thread

Took me hours to put together, but given that it is Eurovision season in full swing (and American Song Contest time ALSO) here’s my own 0personal playlist of danceable songs from 2015 or so onward.

Men Without Hats is my ultimate “guilty pleasure” band. I own all their albums and can sing along to every word. :grimacing:

They’re silly and goofy and ridiculous and completely outside my usual musical wheelhouse…but I absolutely love them.


MAJOR UPDATE: Just learned today that now CANADA is getting in on the act! As of next year they will ahve their own competition.

Or Dexie’s Midnight Runners. Or The Vapors.

The 80’s has some awesome one-hit wonders.


In a lot of cases, the one hit wonders benefited from a music video…the kind of thing people used to find on MTV. :wink:

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Interesting… I’ve never seen video of him playing before, and was surprised to see him using his thumb and fingers on the right hand rather than a pick. It’s very rare to see someone playing that style of music, on that sort of instrument (and strings), without a pick.

You can really hear where SRV got a lot of his licks !

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Not sure why I would wake up with this song in my head today… this is about the 4th time I’ve listened to it :slight_smile:

And on a related note: how are Jagger and Richards still active at what 79 years old, particularly after the “anything but healthy lifestyle” they’ve lived all these years?


Synchronicity was my first album on tape and also the first band poster I had in my bedroom.

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My first band poster was Steppenwolf.


I was not allowed to have band posters hanging in my room as a lad, but my best friend had parents who allowed largely anything in his room. I recall several had over the years, but what followings are the only two I could find preproduced online today:

(previous poster was for Newbomb)

As we headed up the stairs to his room, his mother would usually call out, “ask Mark to remove that Zappa poster would you boys, please?”

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My Steppenwolf poster was the one included in the Steppenwolf Gold LP.

Here’s one that I had of Black Sabbath (from Master of Reality)
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality LP Poster | Facebook

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I had a lot of posters on the walls of my bedroom (in addition to those I listed above).

The Who
The Beatles
Alice Cooper
Ten Years After

Those are the ones that I can remember