Oregon 2022

Not out of the question! The only long shot is the Beavers beating the Ducks !


That’s actually doable. UCLA should handle Cal easily. Obviously, there’s no reason Utah shouldn’t steamroll a bad Colorado team. Oregon isbon thebroad, and OSU is pretty good. Washington State can beat the Huskies.

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This is, and always will be, a bad take. A loss can never be blamed on one person, even a QB. I always think that when fans do this, it’s bully behavior, zeroing in and targeting one person for scapegoating purposes. Perhaps it’s a way to manage displaced anger?

The team lost the game, but they tried hard. A bunch of 20 something kids playing their ■■■■■ off for the fans is never something to complain about.


If Wazzu wins we’re out.


The have a good team this season. Unfortunately to get to the CCG takes having a really, really good team. Championship teams travel and win. Though our losses didn’t fit into the category of WTF, the bottom line is we lost on the road.

The Buffs will be a challenge next Saturday. Believe it. It will be their Senior Day, and realistically they have nothing to lose (and everything to win). We will be their metaphorical “Bowl Game” when we visit Boulder, like the “Bowl Games” we used to play with TDS. A win will not come easy next week, but win we must if we don’t want the team relegated to a lower-end bowl game in Texas or New Mexico.

Personally, I don’t know how we field a team this week after watching our guys shoot their toes off at Autzen. We had our shots to win that game, but ended up shooting ourselves instead. It happens.

Oh well, on to the next game.

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If we somehow fell into the CCG, I’d take our odds on playing better.

We know Cam can play better, there would be no cold hands.

Redemption is always a chance I’ll take.


The sliver of a chance to get to Vegas the next week + another chance to get the bad taste out = the team will be motivated.


Tough loss and from my perspective most of the offense didn’t seem to be playing with much intensity.

What happened to Utah’s kicking game? For a period of time we were known as a special teams school. Does Utah not value kickers anymore? One missed field goal and at least 1or 2 4th down failures that could have been field goals and we win. Kicking this year has been an absolute disaster. Hopefully that improves in the future.

Credit to Oregon for the win

Rising was off the last few games and picked a really bad game to have arguably the worst game of his Utah career. It is a team loss and the guy is a fighter. Hopefully he bounces back next week with an epic game.


You may have noticed over the years, most of us have an issue with the “beat ourselves” type of description. We all remember, all to clearly, BYU fan using that as an excuse for losing to Utah.

That said, I think I have to agree. Too many mental errors, especially by the offense, last night. How many of those were self inflicted or brought on by Oregon? Dunno. Hopefully things get cleaned up nicely next week and whatever bowl game the team goes to.


Well, if you had told me before the game the Ducks would be held to 20 points, I would have bet the house on the Utes.

Does a game like this make Cam reconsider leaving after this year? Lots of offensive weapons need to be replaced next year.

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I think we can lay the blame for this loss squarely at the feet of LAUte. He quoted poetry and the scout oath in this thread during the game. The football gods will clearly punish that type of behavior.


I think a reason for this is his left knee is hurt more than has been let on. His mechanics are off, which makes sense if one can’t finish on the leg opposite one’s throwing arm. Think of Tiger Woods’ and his knee issues. Mechanically swinging a club has a lot in common with throwing.


My mistake. Why is that? Because Washington beat Oregon?

So you don’t think it’s the more obvious, Newbomb’s stubborn adherence to his Unitarian belief system?


Crap’s gonna hit the fan.


You say stubborn. I say…well…stubborn.

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Washington will have 3 losses, making it a two-way tie with us and Oregon (2 losses each). And they win that tie breaker because of head-to-head.

The football gods are non-denominational. But they do hate poetry and merit badges.

Back in the Majerus era, a highly ranked Ute team hosted Fresno State and one of the late Monday specials. Team had a poor performance by our standards, and Dettrick Young hit a buzzer beater trey to win the game and ignite an enthusiastic celebration for the Bulldogs with Tark the Shark was at the bottom of the dog pile.

I came home livid and complaining bitterly as it would drop our national ranking and potentially lower our big dance seed (miss those years where we made the tourney almost every year) and was ranting about it and my wise wife said “You know what? they’re just kids”.

Since then I’ve take that to heart and tried not to be too upset after a loss. Sure I’ll be sad about it, but try to never be angry and to accept the efforts of my favorite team.

Til I Die!


The older I get, the less important wins and losses seem. Higher priorities than to wrap any measure of my happiness around what teenagers do on the field, I suppose.

I used to live and die by Utah football. These days I always hope they win, but don’t get too up or down if they don’t.