NFL update

Because of the connection to the Ute program - his dad was a DT at Utah and his mom is part of a big family that has traditionally been Utah supporters - I sincerely don’t have any grudge against Zach.


I don’t have any opinions on him and hope he is able to make it in the NFL. I understand the Utes have offered his little brother so hopefully we can flip the family back to being Utes.

Like with Jimmer, it seems like that fan base really, REALLY inflates the players abilities.

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Zach is a good kid and could be a good NFL QB with a lot of work. He has all the skills and athletic abilities, but he needs to grow his game to put opposing defenses on a swivel instead of teeing off on him the way they are now. The Jets need an upgrade in their running game and OL, too.

Ravens Jackson is injured, Tyler Huntley time!

6/6 44 yards so far

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Huntley scores the game tying TD

XP good, Baltimore leads

Love that kid

Tyler Huntley looking really good for the Ravens against the Broncos today. He just brought his team down the field in the last minute of the game to score a TD Himself. Ravens ahead 10-9 with 28 seconds to go. The commentators are raving about Tyler. He’s completed 13 straight passes in his last two possessions.


Tyler makes us all proud. Punches it in from 2 yards out, but the play before was a work of art. Pumped faked to the receiver, let the defender bite on the first option, then the receiver got past him & Tyler hit him in stride to take it down to the 2.

Lotta Ravens fans will feel fine if Jackson is out for awhile. Huntley really was clutch today.


Do you think another team might pick him up? He’s showing a lot of promise.

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Good question. I think so, in general, but the Ravens’ offensive style fits him well, he’s similar to Jackson. They don’t really play a big air-it-out style, they pound it with a lot of TE work, compared to most teams.

He’s shown enough moxie the past couple of seasons, getting thrown into tough situations and doing well.

There has been an assumption that running QBs are higher risk because of 17 games & the inherent risk of injury, etc, but more & more of these QBs are playing deeper into the season, so I think the topic is evolving. (This was some commentary while Jalen Hurt with the Eagles was carving up a defense last week.)

Huntley isn’t an elite runner, but he’s good enough to force defenses to account for the QB run threat… like a whole lot of QBs currently in the league. So, Tyler’s style and his strengths are becoming more predominant, no reason to think he couldn’t make a transition to most other teams / systems.

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Huntley starting today for the Ravens

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Marcus Williams with the INT today. He’d been out with a broken wrist for the last 5 weeks

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Watching Covey get some return yards with the 11-1 Eagles. That guy is gonna win a SB possibly in his first season.

Looks like Huntley & Marcus Williams will be picking up the “W” on the road at Pittsburgh.

Ravens just picked up a 1st down, 2:00 minute warning, Pittsburgh out of timeouts.

(Game broadcast on CBS, but some reason here in SLC it was pre-empted for something called “Home Cleaning Secrets”, a gesture I consider to be a 2022 adjunct to the Stanford torture experiment).

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Classy post-whistle push in the end zone by the Steelers player.

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Matt Gay hit four 50+ field goals today, included the game winner

Zach Moss with 122 yards and a TD today