NFL update

Booker signed with the Las Vegas Raiders yesterday.

Game on! NFL starts tonight. This is some consolation for the loss of a college football season.

Tim Patrick and Zach Moss with TDs today. Marcus Williams with an INT.

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This Broncos/Saints game is awesome. The Broncos lost all 3 QBs to quarantine. They are playing a pactice squad WR at quarterback. He’s 1-13 with two picks. The Saints lost Drew Brees to injury; they’re playing some running back as their QB. He just threw a pick of his own. Almost every down for both teams is a wildcat run.

Bolles just signed a 4 year, $68M deal as well (4th highest LT). Although he continued his holding ways today, he has improved a lot after a few years of being just ok.

Not only did the Broncos lose all 3 QBs, they also lost the practice squad QB (Bortles - didn’t he start dozens of games for JAX?). ‘Started’ Hinton (he didn’t come in until like the 5th play - was a QB at WF before switching to WR to have a chance at the NFL. 2 RB sets most of the game taking it in wildcat.

And you likely knew who the RB back is for the Saints (more like a hybrid TE/RB) - Taysom, but he really didn’t look that good but scored 2 TDs on QB keepers.

Bizarre game. Why the NFL forced 4 QBs to be out (1 has COVID and they deemed the others to be high risk exposed) and NOT postpone the game like they have for other teams - the NFL is so inconsistent and has handled this season so poorly. If this was KC or TB, this game would not have been played today. But Monday and Tuesday they have team facilities closed. Just hypocritical on player safety, forcing a practice squad WR into QB with 0 practice (didn’t take one snap yesterday in practice because the ruling came late).

Perhaps Denver’s QB’s should wear masks.

Pretty simple way to keep that from happening.

First game since 1998 when an NFL team had fewer receptions than interceptions.

Bolles made a tackle to prevent a scoop and score on a Denver fumble (but Saints scored a few plays later)

Matt Gay went 2-for-2 with a long of 48

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I thought that was the play of the game…there wasn’t much competition though. I enjoyed watching the Saints DBs celebrate every incompletion thrown by the WR grabbed off the practice squad as if they had just won the superbowl. Football celebrations are always over the top, but in the pandemic with no crowds, I think they are particularly silly.

NFL playoffs today:

Bills vs Colts. Utes on both sides. Go Bills.

Rams vs Seahawks. I don’t have strong feelings here. Go Seattle, I guess.

WFT vs Bucs. Washington is America’s team tonight. How great would be it if Alex could make this happen against Tommy Brady?

Hope Moss is ok, that ankle injury looked really nasty.

Looking like Moss is done. Huge bummer. :frowning:

I’m currently watching Saints/Bears on Nickelodeon with the kids. Pray for my soul.

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Unreal that I’m watching Tom Brady play in the NFC championship game again. I thought he was done when he went to Tampa.

Love him or hate him, it’s impossible to deny he’s the GOAT.

What’s with all the seltzer commercials?? Are football fans really drinking seltzers made by Budweiser and Michelob? Unreal.

Phish playing on the break to commercial…that’s interesting. Okay I like it, gotta admit.

Rogers could’ve John Elway’d that.

…and coach should lose his job for kicking that FG.

So, no Utes in the SB this year, right? Or is there someone I’m forgetting?