Most overrated restaurants in SLC?

I’ve been there before and it was ok but not great.

I haven’t been to Red Iguana in years. It used to be great and pretty authentic (at least some of their dishes). Sounds like it may have gone downhill.

My last couple of visits to the original Pie location, it has been disappointing- thrown together, undercooked…just bad. Almost like they know they don’t really have to try. Went to the location on 33rd recently and it was great.


My humble and disagreed on opinion is that the “high end” pizza joints aren’t really any better than the others. But then, I don’t care for barbecue chicken pizza.


That’s what sells in Utah. See also Lamb’s Grill.


Not sure if anyone would say The Desert Edge is overrated but their food really sucks. I mean, it is truly terrible. I ordered a sandwich there recently and was reluctant to pay for it. Total garbage.

Visiting family up in Weber County, we ordered carry out from the Pie location near Weber State. As good as ever.

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Cafe Rios mantra


We used to have a good local pizza place, but COVID (and mostly the earthquake) put it out of business.

I always crack up when someone says they like XXXXX. And then one of the food snobs says something along the lines of “well, if you like that slop, go ahead”. Like you’re less of a person for liking certain food.


I am a sucker for spaghetti, but it has to be my sauce made with Colosimo sausage.

Don’t do a lot of “dining out” (not to be confused with ordering out). When we do it tends to be “Greek Penance” (AKA Jim’s Family Restaurant) or Brüder Food (Bohemian Brew Pub).

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I married into a family that loves to go there but I have to say that Maddox is overrated. Its ok. But I dont get the appeal in driving up there from the valley.


+1 for World’s Best! If their truck is ever in your area, grab one.

Maddox is over priced and below average quality. Plus, you get to wait an hour to be seated.


Wouldn’t expanding it west have sent it into the ocean (where it might belong)? :wink:

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For the record, I was there, and it wasn’t the food you were eating - it was that you were eating it from a trough with your shirt off.


HAHAHAHA. Crap. I meant east. Although I think it should expand west.

I’ve stopped at Maddox only once, and they were out of chicken.

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I dont think the term “restaurant” can be applied to Chuck-a-rama. It’s been nothing more than a giant feeding trough since my evil stepmother worked at the Ogden one in the 70s

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Since Colosimo sausage is no longer a thing ( they shut down a few years ago) GOod luck!