Most overrated restaurants in SLC?

I think I have heard of two of those? yeah as Yelp is 100% subjective opinions with nothing neutral to mitigate them, I dont pay much attention to it… I wait for personal word of mouth.

We stop at the drive in on the way to Bear Lake. It’s fine for what it is. Never been in the dining room though.

THe clousre of the Market Street Broiler by the U shocked the hell out of me. It was my fave Seafood place ever. and that setting was amazing. the Chinese one was called China Star, and didnt last terribly long… its a Bagel place now? The Italian one was Baci Trattoria, and was my fave easy night out place. I would actually sit at the bar-like section in front of the Pizza oven to relive my glory days in Napoli… (this was YEARS before Settebello existed)


Actually, The “McColosimo” stuff was what got shut down. You can still get real Colosimo sausage at Colosimos Standard Market in Downtown Magna. About once a quarter I go in and load up on Brats, Mild Italian Sausage, and kielbasa.


That was a sarcastic dig at loyter, not something to be taken seriously.

Not sure if it is still busy but my wife would add the Mandarin in Bountiful. As an actual Chinese she can be allowed to judge that it is actually not the best Chinese food in town. My brother went there once on a slow day and was disappointed by the blandness.

Chinese cuisine in Utah took a major hit with the closure of Maple Garden in Ogden.

Maple Garden has reopened.

This talk of food troughs reminded me of this:

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25th and wall, union station. We get take out there once every couple of months or so.

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Banbury Cross. Mediocre and overpriced plus they don’t believe in free market principles like paying fair wages for labor.

But they don’t mind taking government handout themselves.


Wow … never going there again.


Try their two-faced donut with hypocrisy sprinkles!


The one thing I’ve enjoyed there is the chicken sandwich on ciabatta, just a couple of days ago. I was in a hurry and needed to grab some food at Trolley, so I went to the Desert Edge kind of dreading the food I’d get. I was pleasantly surprised. Really enjoyed it.

I’ve never really had a complaint about Desert Edge but I usually get a beer to go with the meal. I’ve often said that with brew pubs you can have good food or you can have good beer but not both. Squatters has good beer but I’ve never enjoyed their food. Red Rock is the exception to that rule IMAO.

Definitely crossing them off my list of places to ever try.


Color them off my list of businesses to do business with.


I’m the exact opposite. Red Rock has mediocre food and beer, I’d much rather go to Squatters.

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Taco Taco is pretty decent. They have a Cauliflower Burrito I really like
Seasons Plant Based Bistro is fantastic, even for non-vegans