Most overrated restaurants in SLC?

I’ll start:

Lucky 13 - its a good burger, but it’s nothing special, unless you thing big=special.
Red Iguana - it’s bog standard Mexican food.

Park Cafe…breakfast is average at best.


Agree about Red Iguana. I don’t get the hype.

In-And-Out is overrated. Good burger, but not better than several others (Apollo, Millies, Woodys)


In N Out is the best burger for the price because they have really cheap burgers. That said, every other higher priced burger place is better than In N Out.

My unpopular opinion is that Crown Burger is overrated. They are good but not that much better than any other place. We go there often because they are close by. Tony Burger makes a better burger in my opinion.

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Right on both counts.


The Roof (although I expect you’re paying more for the view than the food)
R&R BBQ - every time I go it’s a little worse than before

I’ll recommend a couple of cheap places that I think are underrated for you Northern Utah culinary folk.

  • Hug-hes Cafe in Centerville is good and low priced.
  • Worlds best Corndog Food Truck (with honey on the corndog)

[quote=“Barn, post:2, topic:2988”]

Park Cafe…breakfast is average at best.

[/quote] I was going to say this one too.

R&R BBQ seemed to go down once they started opening up all the new locations

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Burgers are OK but their fries taste like cardboard. I think they must use some type of heart-healthy grease but overall that place isn’t worth all the hype they receive.


I grew up down the street from an In n’ Out, so it’s very nostalgic for me. I agree the fries are garbage. Unless you get animal style of course.

For a good chain burger, I really like Five Guys. They just do it right.

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No love for Hires? What I like about it:

The Big H and its variations. Tasty, never disappoints.

You always know what you’ll get, and it will always be the same quality.

The root beer freeze. One of my Achilles heels when trying to watch what I eat.

Friendly people — feels like family there.


As a Californian, I also don’t get In-and-Out. I’ll have friends who visit from out of state, and the first thing they want to do is get a burger from there. It’s awful. And the fries are absolutely the worst.

I don’t get it.


There was a restaurant that my wife loved, but I don’t remember its name. It was French-ish, and was located on the foothills above the city somewhere. All I remember of it were the attractive waitresses who wore rather revealing blouses, and the lovely location. Otherwise, it was average. But, as I mentioned, my wife loved it.

La Quille

Someone mentioned Woody’s. We hit them a few times a year. Good stuff.

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You mean La Caille. Still there. I think it’s struggled some since one of the owners, a HS buddy of my brother in law, passed. My daughter was working as a server there when that happened and it was traumatic for everyone. I haven’t been there in a long time but they’ve been running a lot of TV spots lately.


Agreed, unless… you get one of the moles. Not many Mexican places offer as much variety or tastiness of moles. Otherwise, it’s all the same as everywhere else.


Yep the moles are the draw at red Iguana. Otherwise there are a number of decent mexican places around. We like the Park Cafe, but its menu is limited.


Yelp’s list of the 10 best restaurants in Salt Lake City.

  1. The Copper Onion - Downtown
  2. Carson Kitchen - Downtown
  3. Purgatory - Downtown
  4. HallPass - Downtown
  5. The Ivy - Downtown
  6. Sweet Lake Biscuits & Limeade - Ballpark
  7. White Horse - Downtown
  8. HSL - Central City
  9. Cajun Boil - Central City
  10. Red Iguana - Fairpark
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