Most overrated restaurants in SLC?

The Copper Onion is wildly overrated. Haven’t been to Carson Kitchen or Purgatory. HallPass is pretty meh. The Ivy is fine. I actually think Sweet Lake is the best place on the list, although I don’t like their quinoa hash. HSL and White Horse are disappointing. Haven’t tried Cajun Boil. Red Iguana is whatever.


Market Street Grill is wildly overrated. I have been there many times for lunch or dinner when vendors were in town to redo contracts. I would never willingly spend my own money. Consistently mediocre at best.


For some of you nostalgic U students, Caffe Torino’s owner’s wife is the daughter of Ed of Big Eds. They have a crepe called Gawdawful, which mimics Big Eds breakfast of the same name, using Ed’s special mix of spices for the hash browns and chili. Mostly breakfast and lunch, I think. I’ve only had a few things there, which were very good. I hear the crepes are excellent. Its on Main Street in Farmington.

In-N-Out. As a Californian I apologize to people who eat there because it’s way too overhyped and the fries are inedible. Seeing it expand west is a bummer since there are better things from California to export.

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Agree. Not any better than any of the other Mexican restaurants

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I feel the same. My friends love it, but I’ve always felt meh about it.


Pig and a Jelly Jar is overrated for me.
Moochies however I still enjoy.


haven’t lived in Utah in 30 years - yes, somehow I’ve become old. I keep getting these AARP letters welcoming me to the family. I degres.
“Back in the day” Market Street Grill was fantastic, when did it go down hill?
La Caille ( formerly known as Quail Run for the AARP set) has always been a hot mess. I worked there when I was 14. I would compare it to what I’ve read about children working in turn of the century coal mine.


Market Street/Gastronomy was sold to another operating entity 2 years ago when the original principals all passed away (including a wonderful man and personal friend, John Williams, who was senselessly murdered by his life partner). Few people know that this same new ownership group also purchased Chuck A Rama. I was shocked to hear that news too. For those of you that ■■■■■ about Red Iguana, I’m not sure what you’re comparing it to. They have some of the most authentic moles in the country, and many of their items are Oaxacan specialties, which aren’t the typically expected Americanized Tex Mex style food.


But the LaCaille servers’ bustiers are worth it (•)(•)

The outfits are gone. The food is so-so and way overpriced. The draw at La Caille is the beautiful grounds there.

All the Gastronomy (Market Street etc) restaurants used to be fantastic. The New Yorker, MS, Oyster Bar, The Italian one nearby, and the Chinese one up by the U on 1300 East. They were all consistently good, but they started going into decline, closing one by one, and then when the owners died, they just went to $#it. It’s like everything there is just from frozen pre-made stock. Even the clam chowder is watered down. It’s truly sad.


They were Baci Trattoria and China Star, and there was also Cafe Pierpont too. Damn, I miss China Star. Only open for about 2 years right by the U but they couldn’t get downtown clients to drive up the hill for lunches, and $15 lunches didn’t attract many University students or staff (instead Chop Suey Lueys right next to The Pie cleaned up). Funny story on China Star: the purposely designed it to be extremely loud inside so patrons wouldn’t lounge around after eating, and they’d turn tables quicker. It was so loud they had to temporarily close it to remove some of the surfaces in the interior to tamp down the noise.


Oh yes, I forgot about Pierpont. That was excellent as well.

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Unpopular opinion but I can’t stand The Pie Pizzeria.


I actually kind of agree - although I like the Pie… you don’t go because the pizza is amazing, you go because the pizza is overwhelming. Nothing more fun than to take a bunch of kids to The Pie… they think it is the greatest thing on earth. “The pizza was gigantic and weighed 30lbs!”


maybe instead of a listing of best restaurants, we need a list of best meals to order at a particular place.

  • Red Iguana is a good Mexican restaurant, but when you order their mole it transfers it to excellent.
  • Rio Grande Cafe is a solid choice, but their street tacos on Tuesdays are $2 each and that makes it a great deal and great choice
  • Porcupine Grill is a good restaurant, but their chicken noodle soup is divine
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And speaking of pizza. A few months back my wife and daughters took off to St George and my son and I stayed home and foraged for ourselves. One night we went to Sugarhouse BBQ but it was closed so I said, “Let’s go to Este pizza down the road. It’s been there for a while in a terrible location, so if it has survived it has to be pretty good.”

I’ve always been of the belief that there is no such thing as bad pizza… until that. Seriously, couldn’t finish the piece I had, neither could my son - straight up terrible. How is that place even in business? Anyone else been there?

Careful. My daughter used to be a server there.

I haven’t been to LaCaille in years. I think the ownership dispute that tragically resulted in the murder/suicide of one of the founders, and high school buddy of my brother-in-law, couldn’t help but have ill effects. My daughter worked there at the time. Management and chef changed soon after. It was horrible stretch of time for them up there.

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I know people that swear by it but at the top of my overrated list is Valter’s. I tell people all of the time that you don’t go to Valter’s for the food, you go to Valter’s to experience Valter. And just like The Artist Formerly Known as the Mo-Tab, the Alamo, etc., you really only have to experience Valter’s once.

The food is pretty rote Italian and, seriously, $34.00 for a slice of lasagna? Fun experience but for my money if I’m eating Italian, I’ll see you at Per Noi, not Valter’s.


[quote=“61_Shasta, post:39, topic:2988”]I tell people all of the time that you don’t go to Valter’s for the food, you go to Valter’s to experience Valter.

That’s how I feel about world famous Rendevous BBQ in Memphis. I mean its good ribs but they aren’t Central BBQ or The Commissary. Gotta go once though.