College football thread, non-Utah edition

Add Utah Grads who say ignorant things to degree shame people. Just sad. Just be proud of your degree. Same people who count players money who make it through NIL.

Back on topic. Kayvon went on record and came off as a liar, who doesn’t want to compete.

Think we saw that in our 2 games agains whOregon this past season. He was essentially a non-factor in both games.


Their biggest win he was in street clothes. He has talent but he better get to work.


In his two games against Utah, Ludwig simply schemed him out of the game.


Which is what OSU did to Lloyd in the Rose Bowl, frankly.


Because the ACC is assuming they will get Clemson in on a regular basis again.

That Alliance is already working for the good of everyone, eh?

The collective meltdown among the far-right Alabama fans may be that noise you hear this morning.


LOL. Apparently Nick Saban is Public Enemy #1 of MAGA


That’s OK. He has friends in his fight. With the kind of scratch he has made as a HC over the last two decades alone, if he just up and decided to pull a broken arrow and “peace out” the whole thing, that move alone would screw up MAGA country for decades.

Better still, he quits Alabama, moves to the broadcast booth, and exits the South for the SF Bay Area as his “retirement” landing spot. I mean Larry Scott enjoyed his retirement there. :wink:

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What makes anyone at fox any more qualified to talk politics than Saban? His opinion is as valid as theirs is and as a football coach he has all the political experience that they have.


My favorite is dudes saying he should worry about winning a title. I mean, he’s won as many as Oklahoma University.


I’m liking Saban more each day.


Because we had chattel slavery, because we had Jim Crow, because we had Plessy v Ferguson; having the Feds pass legislation to protect the enfranchised right to vote is the right thing to do. It is appalling to me how many desire to roll back “We the People” to mean “Rich White Dudes Only.”

As I have always stated there are only two acceptable responses to an election result. If you win, you get to say, “The people have spoken.” If you lose, you get to say, “The people have spoken (those SOB’s).”

Calling widespread election fraud when none existed, just because you didn’t like the results is something that should never be tolerated or allowed.


The Bulldogs #2 leading WR just committed to Alabama Login • Instagram


Speaking of the ASU violations, a few months ago there was a post on the reddit college football page that said the prior coaching staff is who busted the current staff for the violations. That’s pretty great, if true.

As always: screw ASU!

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As always…the Scum Devils and Mildcats break the rules, and the Lumberjacks get hit with the sanctions.