College football thread, non-Utah edition

@BamaFanNKY Something tells me there may have been one or two Tide fans watching the Utes play Oregon yesterday.

Something also tells me the flashbacks to the 2009 Sugar Bowl were in full force after the first half. I am sure tidefan was cheering for a Utah win…but an Oregon beat down circa 2009?

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I always cheer for Utah. I don’t feel the loss like y’all but I still feel it. I honestly was thinking of the two players that were tragically lost and thought how this team probably only has at best one loss with them. I also was thinking this can only help recruiting and hoped that the other 8 of Top 10 players who aren’t committed to Utah from Utah would see the game and reconsider their commitment.

Utah as a program belongs in the CFP discussion every year and hopefully this win helps the recruiting and transfer portal to start an avalanche of talent your way.


No one hates Alabama fans as much as me. Well, judging by Coach Saban he might just a little more:

Our fans are some of the most self absorbed, spoiled, ■■■■■■■■ on the planet.


The NCAA should mandate that speech be played on the loud speakers at the beginning off every college football game.

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This speech could apply to the segment of Utah fans who seem to think that Utah football should have every season be like 2004 under Urban Meyer and anything less is mediocrity.


This can be applied to SOOOOOO many fanbases, or at least parts of fanbases. Ours is no exception. I tend to rain on BYU’s and TU’s fans’ parades because of a portion of their fansbases. At the same time, we need to be glad for what we have. I suppose in a way it’s being grateful. Many of us, Ute fans, remember the bad old days of getting crushed or being barely competitive in games, football and basketball-- so, perhaps it’s time WE take Saban’s words to heart and be glad to have what we’ve got and what we’ve had in the past.


We have been fortunate to have the amount of sustained success we have seen.

Look at U$C, bASUra, fUCLA, and Colorad9. All have seen blue blood level performances in the past, but are dumpster fires now. In the North, ‘Furd, and Washington have a pedigree too, and both have been horrendous of late.

Colorad9 fan had a bit of an insight when they pointed to the fact our HC is one of the longest tenured in the nation. Yeah, we have gone through OC’s like Spinal Tap goes through drummers, but it has generally worked out in the end.

Though this season started out rough, we are rolling here at the finish. We can’t forget, this is Colorad9’s bowl game (and there is a trophy involved thanks to the PAC 12 manufacturing it). Let’s keep the hardware here in Salt Lake City.


First, it was Penn(itentary) State locking up Franklin long term.

Now Sparty goes large with Tucker…

No offense to Franklin or Tucker but that’s a ton of coin for dudes that haven’t even coached in the conference title game.


I fully agree With Saban. He’s right and those type of fans irk me. This Season really brought home that these young men are doing there best. I respect them for that and will continue to cheer for them regardless. BamaFanNKY thanks for your contributing that. I appreciate your perspective. Go Utes!


Wait, you said USC/LSU would be stupid not to make Tucker their top target (even without a conference championship or coaching his own players for a few seasons. Oh, wait, that’s when he was 8-0 in his 2nd year.

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I think giving a coach a job is totally different than giving him Nick Saban’s Salary (which is what they are paid). I also think SC is a mid tier job. LSU getting Mel Tucker at 6 or 7 million makes too much sense. 9 million may be a bit much.

Didn’t have “Harry Styles Calling the Hogs in Arkansas” on my bingo card:

I wouldn’t have it on my card either.

Halftime at The Big House today


Florida looks like it hit a Homerun:

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This has been expected for a week or so, IIRC. I think Napier is a good choice for UF. Kinda surprised LSU didn’t push harder for him.

We’ll see.

Everyone thinks SC hit a home run but Coach Napier turned a program around has a better post season record than Lincoln Riley.

So did Dirk Koetter, Dan Hawkins, Houston Nutt, Brady Hoke…

We’ll see.

Same reaction to Lincoln Riley.

We’ll see.