Ba Bye…

No one was talking about SC and UCLA. I was talking about players being compensated. Also, SEC and ACC has been honest. They don’t care about academics. They care about wins.

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Our sustainable President mentioned academics but even she didn’t pretend that it was the motivating factor. Utah left their conference for more money and exposure why can’t USC and ugly?


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Disappointing for sure. That said, other than a few one-off games, I haven’t paid a lot of attention to college sports. Having been on the Utes track team and served as a student-assistant to the Utes volleyball team, I was definitely ecstatic when we joined P12.

Given the current college football/basketball atmosphere, my interest in those money sports has significantly wanted in the past few years. Oh well, life goes on. As long I get to ski, bike, and travel, I guess it’ll be alright.

Oh please. She touted academic excellence and diversity and inclusion. The latter is just laughable, but hey, USC isn’t exactly known for being inclusive so she’s provably a bit lost.

But we all know you don’t give a rats ■■■ about the rest of the conference they just gave the middle finger to. Your school should quit pretending they do too. (And, you’re inability to admit USC’s lack of on the field results severely damaged the conference needs to end too)


Instead of being upset about it come join us! The PAC is dead and there’s plenty of room on the Gulfstream for Utah. We’re only bringing ucla with us as someone has to serve drinks.



Probably their only option at this point. Ours too.

I suspect the B1G is not done expanding, particularly in the 2 time zones in the West.

If it goes to 2 super leagues of 24 or 32, the LA schools will want a schedule that doesn’t include 5 games thousands of miles away, it seems to me.

Crazy time. Buckle up.


They’re going to need western teams for all their Olympic sports or those athletes are going to get slaughtered.


Hard to come along when you sneak off in the middle of the night and the marker lights are blacked out


Saw a quote about how Rutgers campus to USC/UCLA is roughly the same distance to some school in Iceland, lol.


Breaking news: Oregon leaves the PAC12 to join the LIV TOUR. The way #%^* is happening today it might just happen😀.


I’ve done that? I think you are attributing someone else to me. I did mock Jimbo for getting mad at Nick Saban for saying it.

Remember, I am the loudest voice in saying pay the players. The old system wasn’t “fair” either. No system will ever be equal. The only thing I care about is that the people in the work are getting a fair if not unfair amount of the compensation. Seeing the B1G TV $ that are floating around in negotiations makes me even more in the camp of cutting players into that pie.

So, probably not me complaining about Clemson. I also crack at Dabo but that’s because he’s a 1960s bible salesman in backroads Mississippi complaining about players being paid.

As for this causing less parity does his mean Alabama wins the next 8 of 12 titles as opposed to the 6 of 12 titles? Parity is not fun. Dynasties are fun. Everyone loves to hate the bad guy.

But you’re forgetting that Bama will be just fine. No worries!

We will. I honestly am unbothered.

People need to realize Alabama and Ohio State are setup to thrive even if they aren’t the most wealthy states. They have insane people with money. Guess your thought the alliance would thwart the SEC didn’t pan out.

This x 1,000.

For fans of the dynasty team or those who compete directly against them? Sure. For everyone else? Meh.


Mrs CCU is out of town for amateur nationals. We chatted last evening and I told her about fUCLA and U$C moving to the BIG. She asked why. I could only do the rub my fingers together mime for money. It’s obvious that it’s money. Sure building the brand has the side effect of showing off academics, sort of.

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This is why super conferences are happening I guess. I am big fan of multiple power conferences. This race to two is definitely lame. I also like regional powers. All this said it’s weird to me because I see Utah a major threat moving forward and a valuable piece to get to either the SEC or B1G.

Getting players compensated in an open and transparent way would be a good thing. What is happening right now is not that. If it continues down the current path, it will be the Same Old Six Schools knocking heads for the National Championships in Football, Basketball, and most of the non revenue Olympic sports. The amount of money that will flow through these schools will make Pony Exce$$ look like a bunch of skinflint miser’s.

Maybe a Cinderella shows up on the radar from time to time, but it will be rare.

Honestly Division 1-A has way too many teams competing in it; it doesn’t really have a process for a Champion to win the division, like the rest of the NCAA divisions; and it sends half the schools to play post season bowls, many that end up costing the schools playing in those bowls millions to attend and play. There used to be some meaningful criteria for a school to get to 1-A - Not anymore.

Even 1-AA is seeing a creep up in their division, too. King Football is seen as a way to pay for an athletic department.

Where does thing go from here? Unless the schools and the NCAA get this figured out soon, it is likely going to end up in front of Congress where the “have’s” will be trying to explain to the flyover states “have not’s” why they are entitled to collect obscene amount of revenue while the regular students become indentured servants to the debts they incur getting their degrees.

Something tells me the USFL may become the portal where kids who want to go pro immediately will end up. It is already showing signs of being a possible minor league opportunity. We will have to see what happens when the USFL teams transition from Birmingham to their home stadiums some time in the near future.


I don’t disagree we need some rules to this. I in my younger days would say “the market dictates that” but I don’t mind some caps. Really, disassociating college football and hoops from State Universities is my real hope. That will never happen though. I just don’t think we should pretend it has been amateur the past 30 and maybe even 50 years.

If it’s disassociated with the school, then it becomes just another minor league.

For better or worse, the only reason college football is the behemoth it is is because of the association with a school.