Ba Bye…

We barely knew you :confused:


Whether it’s players bouncing around from team to team chasing NIL opportunities, or teams bouncing to different conferences (guess same could be said of Utah leaving the MWC to go to the PAC) it’s all about the $$$$$$$

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Will we soon hear that the Big Twelve is superior to the Pac Ten?

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Don’t let the door hit you in the @ss on your way out…


Certain folks were saying that before this news. You know who I mean.


So does the Rose Bowl become a Big 10 vs Big 10 game?

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Utah built a great brand and image! They are going to be fine no matter where they land. Your individual brand and image means a lot more than your conference affiliation. Utah has a bright future. Don’t worry about what USC and UCLA are doing, they are currently shadows of their former glory and they want to shake things up hoping to bring back the past.

My only hope is the Big12 steals the Arizona schools now.

Between realignment and the NIL insanity, my general interest in college football continues to decrease by the day.


Are you talking about Jon Wilner’s article after Kansas won the Basketball championship. That was meant to say that the Pac12 is only down, but they will still recover and become a dominant league again.

The Pac12 had a couple down years in Football, but even with USC and UCLA they will rebound and be just fine!

Big 10 wants to seriously challenge the SEC.

Which puts the PAC, Big-12 and ACC officially at Tier 1.5

It begs the question, who would the Pac 12 (er, 10) then target for expansion?

Maybe try and steal a couple Texas schools from the B12?

Well, the B1G will be adding the travel equivalent of Hawaii to the scheduling for sports, and having to add two more schools to the revenue splits.

I am sure U$C and fUCLA hate losing to us…Oregon State…Wazzu…Colorad9…’Zona…Sparky…and the Pedo Bears; but traveling to the east coast to play those schools - especially in the non revenue sports is going to be a budget killer. The California State Assembly may have something to say about whether fUCLA gets to jump ship. U$C may have some financial entanglements with the state due to the Summer Olympics rebuild of the stadium that may come into play, too. Remember, one of the rules that got set up during the conference expansion was needing to play the Tree and Pedo Bears annually in Football.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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The pickings are kind of slim - Texas Tech? Maybe get Houston to flip?

I think the PAC would need to get aggressive and maybe make some long bets for the future, or some kind of LOI for adding … Vegas? SDSU? Colorado State?

Buckle up… and remember… this is ultimately about sports.

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Awwwwww, thank you! But I think we have to come up to SLC to lose one more time. :grinning:

Thank Larry Scott’s mismanagement and the University presidents that enabled him for destroying the conference.



Champagne Larry’s legacy lives on!


Hey @ghostofOCGreg - serious question: you concerned about all that eastbound travel? If playing at Rice Eccles was a bear, imagine night road games at Madison or Columbus, in November.

Or maybe you’re like we are (as individuals, not Ute nation) - just kind of along for the ride.

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I don’t hate this:

Maybe creep in and grab an ACC school like FSU.


I do love the idea of USC flying all the way across the country to play at Rutgers and Maryland in November every year. :rofl: