Ba Bye…

I don’t know why SC fans are known as ■■■■■■■■ who are living off past glories.


& another negative I forgot to mention is Cal State San Diego is a virtual tie with Alabama academically.

Harder to get into Mater Dei.


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Well, if you have enough money you can buy admission into SC so there is that. I hear it’s easy to get in and get the degree as long as your Daddy knows someone. Let’s not act like it’s Stanford or Cal Tech. Thankfully I didn’t go to Cal State, SDSU, SC or Alabama. Private schools that don’t invest in athletics FTW!


Actually SDSU has an acceptance rate of about 32% while Alabamas is around 80%



Go easy on Alabama. They’re working to build a university of which their football team can be proud.


They also are more likely to accept more low-income and minority students that have fallen behind. Then teaching them and graduating them to be able to make generational changes. I know that isn’t a big priority among conservatives in Utah and SC fans. There is pride in how they have gone from a Governor standing at the schoolhouse door to one of the Top 25 Public universities educating the minority community.

Weirdly, this was a from a recent playoff article: Among Black football players, Alabama graduated 84%, Notre Dame 82% and Clemson 77%. Ohio State graduated 60% of its Black players.

Again, I am not a grad but I think mocking a school that is doing better 14.3 percent of the undergraduate student body is black at Alabama as opposed to the 1.3% at Utah. SC is based right next to a large population of black folk yet their school is only 5.3%. I don’t even see Native population listed anywhere in Utah’s % of students. Do better.

So, the same as Utah’s?

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Talking academic smack here is funny. Anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes here in Utah likely would know the educational level of Utah grads. Achievement of a university is rarely tantamount to its quality of students/graduates as a collective.


I hate to say it but the way people disparage Utah, Alabama or many rural states pisses me off. It shows me people have never spent time with the people in those states. Looking down on anyone trying to educate their population is a bad look.



And, speaking of academic/acceptance rankings, I noticed Florida fans were pooping on Utah’s ranking. The funny thing is that, as I sit on several boards and work in a selective investment industry, most of my colleagues went to Stanford/Harvard/Penn/etc – nobody ever said anything to me. haha


Ok, Fidelity opened a investor center (phone center) like the one’s in SLC and Dallas, TX. The theory was with FSU and FU right in the middle of their site placement.

Short answer, they have had a terrible time finding qualified people to staff the site. Don’t know if it is educational or the fact you need a rap sheet to get accepted to any of those schools down that way, but it has been a challenge.

This has always interested me During a looong time in large law firms I’ve interviewed and voted on hiring at least 100 lawyers right out of school. Their later success has been unrelated to their school, as far back as I can remember. Individual academic ranking and such, yes; school, no. I’ve also fired lawyers from places like Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, and Berkeley. I can think right now off the top of my head of a half-dozen grads from “lesser” schools who are superb and very successful attorneys. Success in the real world is very different from academic pedigree–at least in my experience. Having the “right” pedigree will get you interviewed, but it’s no guarantee of anything beyond that.


Speaking of which, I remember my dad saying when they considered BYU grads for their law firm they stopped considering GPAs and went by class rank. Basically everyone graduated from BYU in Law had all A’s.

All schools are guilty of grade inflation, but that seemed a bit extreme.

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This makes me happy working for a competitor.

From The Athletic this morning. Any ideas about what this might mean for the PAC?


The Big Ten is in the process of finalizing its media rights deals, with sources telling The Athletic the league hopes to make an official announcement by early next week. In a stunning development, ESPN is not expected to land one of the Big Ten’s packages, a source with direct knowledge of the negotiations confirmed to The Athletic.

In addition to Fox, which had locked up Big Ten rights months ago, the conference is likely to partner with both CBS and NBC. Such deals, if finalized, could result in the following Saturday slate: a noon ET game on Fox, a 3:30 p.m. ET game on CBS and prime time on NBC. Multiple sources involved in the negotiations have reiterated over the past month that the Big Ten has prioritized those windows throughout the process.

ESPN officially pulled out of Big Ten negotiations after saying no to the conference’s final offer of a seven-year deal worth $380 million per year, a source told The Athletic on Tuesday. Sports Business Journal first reported the developments.

The news is undoubtedly historic. ESPN has carried Big Ten football and basketball games for the last 40 years.

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Canzano lays out why the B1G ESPN separation should be good for the PAC:

Canzano: Pac-12 Conference gets a much-needed win (


ESPN walking away from the table is huge. It likely won’t earn us better than expected money from our media rights, but it will possibly get us some better time slots for games.

It could vault the conference into a brand name versus the old east coast view of “U$C and the wannabes.”


ESPN has the SEC and ACC for early games as well as prime time games. It also has BIG12. I can’t believe the PAC will get better time slots moving forward unless folks believe 10 am mountain time to be a good time slot.

I think it’s mainly the Western primetime slots they need (which of course is late night in the East). Some B1G matchups could have otherwise helped cover those.

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Also, remember that ESPN spins off games on to the SEC, ACC, and Longhorn Network. It’s a great product and would be great to see ESPN take over the Pac 12 network. As a side a show like one a guy I know does for the SEC Network would be great to have a P12 version: