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More quality material from Canzano: Canzano: There is a singular threat to Pac-12 -- the Big Ten

  • PAC #s may be coming after the B1G contract - they’re the standard this cycle. (Why they nabbed the LA schools) JC thinks it may be mid September before anything is solid,
  • PAC schools are solid together, particularly vis-a-vis B12. One AD called the B12 threat “laughable”. This is obviously manifest through time, defying a wide variety of wild rumors.
  • based on TV markets, B1G unlikely to take any more PAC schools this cycle (since they’re positioning for the TV money)
  • if Notre Dame joins, things could change.

The CB circus continues unabated, of course, like summer camp for hundreds of hyperactive boys. I wouldn’t be surprised if El Jefe (CB’s owner) has been pulled into litigation over the years over MLM scandals between patrons, related ruined marriages, etc. It’s one of the most unique digital communities on Earth. There are doctoral dissertations to be mined there.


Fair enough. Just realized they added CU in that graphic. Also, chill out with the Hubris BS. I am not an SEC-SEC-SEC guy. I hate the rest of the conference.


As I like to remind folks from time to time, there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. :wink:

What the graphic, sans Utah, shows is for most of these schools, the move was more about the money than it was about the step up in competition when it comes to football.

Most of the schools in that grid were bleeding revenue prior to making their jumps. The scary thing is some of them are still bleeding money based on promises made to the respective conferences regarding infrastructure support investments to their sports teams.

Again, Utah was different because our athletics program has always invested in these things in a way to keep the sheet balanced (unlike in the 1980’s and 90’s when they didn’t really invest in them at all). That said, if they keep escalating costs on the fans and alumni, it won’t be long until they start having financial troubles, too.


I also don’t like the ‘before move’ % because it likely is all time when it probably should be whatever duration they were in the previous conference. And times have changed so using W-L from even back in the 60s/70s seems dubious for comparison’s sake. Interesting, but not really useful to base one’s argument.

Let’s do the last x years of the former conference to the current amount of years in the present conference (Most are 10 prior to 10 now):
Texas A&M was .461% to .568%= +.107%
Syracuse was .289% to .333%= +.044%
Utah was .744% to .562%= -.182% (So down)

The rest are worse but I may update it later.

ok, that makes sense. The 1st table was ‘power 5’ to ‘power 5’ so Utah’s (and TCU) exclusion made sense. Utah’s drop actually makes sense (doing well in MWC was how we jumped) with the early years building depth and being closer to a .500 team but this highlights why it’s not a great argument because we could definitely say we are in a better place ($, facilities, level of talent, became more and more competitive, getting to conf championship, winning conference/Rose Bowl).

Of course, football rules the athletic dept funding hence most decisions are around this, but man, seems like some moves are so stupid for other sports. 6 road games for FB are doable. Sending non-revenue sports further is asinine. I think we should just have football conferences (maybe BB?) then have separate for everything else. This already happens with things like gymnastics, wrestling, lacrosse, etc.

The question really isn’t about Utah or TCU though. More the P5 to P5 move. There are obvious benefits leaving MWC for P5. Also,there is an expected early struggle to changing from G5 to P5. Compare that to the utter domination a program like Utah has done in P12 compared to the former Big 12 CU.


Dan Patrick had some interesting info this morning. He stated that NBC is very interested in jumping into bed with the BIG10 and bringing ND with it. If NBC gets the BIG10 media rights with ND joining, it could lead to more conference realignment sooner rather than later. Apparently, BIG10 is interested in Virginia, Duke and UNC. Obviously, the GOR is an issue for those schools, but throw ND in that mix with Washington, Oregon, Cal and Stanford and the BIG10 is at 24 with 4 six school groupings.
I think that within 10 years the BIG10 will be at 24 schools as described above, the SEC will be there as well with additions of Clemson, Florida St. Miami and VaTech. Who else would the SEC add to get to 24? Would they look west or north? Does the BIG12 become the other survivor by adding 12 schools from ACC and PAC? Who is in that group of 12? If my math is correct, there would be 7 remaining ACC schools and 6 remaining PAC schools and a few G5 schools that would get looks as well.

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Warning: ridiculous speculation ahead


It isn’t about geography: it’s about the $$$$chools.

Exactly. It’s why my interest in CFB is quickly waning, irrespective of my alma mater. Still a fan of non-revenue sports. As I don’t use my collegiate fandom as a social status, it probably won’t be a big deal.


Back a few years ago when I played NCAA Football 2012, which has a feature to let you move teams around different conferences between each season, I moved teams around largely based on geography.

For example I moved all of the former Southwest teams (SMU, TCU, Rice, Houston) and Nebraska back into the Big 12 and split it into divisions with all the Texas teams in one division and all the “not texas” teams in the other. I also took Miami (FL) and Florida State out of the ACC and put them into SEC as well as making other changes.

Hadn’t played in a while but last week dug the old XBOX 360 out of the closet, played out the season I had left in progress, then when it came to conference customization, I moved UCLA and USC into the Sun Belt and moved Texas and Oklahoma into the WAC (which was still a football conference at the time). Also moved BYU and Colorado State into the PAC12 so there could still be a conference title game (need 12 members to have a title game).

Potential seismic activity:

NBC reportedly wants to turn B1G into ‘NFL of CFB conferences’ in media rights negotiations (

Good & bad here - if the B1G succeeds in matching the SEC on money, the PAC was smart to let the B1G proceed.

However, this “NFL of CFB” idea may accelerate expanding the B1G. Oregon has undeniable mindshare, nationally. Utah is trying to follow that path.

The big question: How hungry is Fox? Might the PAC 10 get a bigger payday than anticipated, if the B1G stays at 16 for the next couple of years?

Never say never, but support your guys via NIL and get ready for Gainesville!

Savor every snap, guys

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“support your guys via NIL”

Sorry if already posted elsewhere, but what are the ways people are doing/can do this at Utah?

Hey, who’s running CFB, anyway? :wink:


I’m not sure if there’s a central place where NIL information exists, but I know there are some NIL things going on, there was a golf tourney last weekend that I believe was pretty successful.

Rocker & Uteopia are much better informed on NIL. Since the topic is new & grass roots, it’s pretty hard to know what’s happening.

Seems like it could be a little starter / side career for some enterprising recent MUSS alumni - crank it up!

Hopefully there are some high rollers making an impact until things are more “organized”.

Someone organize a bowling night with the Runnin’ Utes and I’ll be there.

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Conzano’s deep dive into Notre Dame’s position on whether to join B1G:

I agree that keeping access to the CFP for an Indy ND would help preserve CFB, and might play into David Shaw’s scenario where after some number of years the LA schools decide to come back west.


If I was the PAC 10 I would try hard to get Houston. 8th largest T.V. market in the nation.

On the contrary, I don’t know why Cal State San Diego is so coveted. Sure it makes sense geographically, but the TV market is around 30th and everyone in that town is either in rehab, or should be. They do not care about “their team” or college football in general.



Not worried about LoCal U State. After the Padres Organization goes into full meltdown over the fact they sold off everything to get one player…and they are still sniffing dat Dodger ■■■. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Seriously though, if you are after SDSU you are after some amount of penetration into the SoCal media market. They have gotten some new facilities, but they probably have more to do than Utah did when the Utes joined the PAC 12.

The Aztecs are not a high profile brand. Then again, name a high profile collegiate brand in SoCal that isn’t USC or UCLA. We would be selling recruits on getting to see their families locally when we hit the road down that way. Kind of like we always have.