2023 WBB Discussion

My favorite was listening to Bill describe a run by Keith Williams at Wyoming in 1991: “And Williams crawls to the 35. He got down on all fours and crawled for the first down.” All fours, eh Bill? And wasn’t called down?


Was kind of rooting for Iowa, but UConn making them look really bad right now.

I like uconn, for now, because all of its injuries. To lose so many starters and dress only 8 players…amazing.

What a smart play by Clark.


Great game by both teams. Clark is very court savvy. Really good D by both teams.


And, yes, that offensive/screen call on Uconn just wasn’t right. Technically it was a foul, to me. But, for that moment, it was sufficiently benign to let it go, IMO.

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It was very obviously a foul. Go look at any replay that actually shows her lower body (like this one). That’s about as blatant as it gets. Now whether you actually call it in that moment is a different discussion.

Personally (and without any dog in the fight) I think it was the right call.


I thought the offensive call was marginal, in that situation.

But I really didn’t care who won the game.

  • Caitlin Clark - compelling story
  • UConn has already won a whole bunch of championships

Things I learned last night:

  • Geno’s name is actually Luigi

  • He was born in Italy, came to the US at age 7, taught himself how to speak English. (That last one seems suspect. Was he a truant child worker for the Mafia?)

  • He became a US citizen in 1994, nine years after becoming the head coach at UConn. Backstory: the Lady Huskies were going to tour Italy, and he became worried he might get detained because he hadn’t done any service for his country of origin. (Sheesh - really? This might actually buttress the “truant child working for the Mafia” theory above.)

  • He was inducted into the Womens Basketball Hall of Fame… in 2006

As Geno approaches the 20th anniversary of his induction into the Womens Baskeball Hall of Fame, I have to wonder what exactly the motivation was for inducting him way back then?

"OK, Geno, you’ve proven you can coach womens basketball. Don’t you think it’s time for a woman to have a chance, now? Here, we’ll help you out - have this award."

Also, he seems to have zero problems promoting himself:. Here’s the genoauriemma.com website:

Summary: I have a soft spot for what could be termed "clueless oafs" I like Geno even more than I did before last night.

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Exactly. It was probably a foul in the first ten minutes of the game but with 9 seconds left it’s a ridiculous call to make. The big slid over to put a body on Becker so no harm no foul. Refs handed the game to Iowa at that point.

Are…are we looking at the same play here? Because I see the offensive player sliding over at the last second to basically hip-check the defender. I don’t see any possible way you could consider this NOT a very blatant foul.


As far as “refs giving the game to Iowa”, c’mon man. UConn had a double digit lead in the 2nd half. Hell, if they would have just boxed out on the free throw they win the game. They had plenty of chances to put the game on ice well before that play happened.

And UConn’s star player agrees.


I understand your position, and can respect it. However, I think when two teams battle for 39 minutes 51 seconds, and throughout the game there are questionable calls – as there is in every single basketball game ever played, that that foul shouldn’t be made on the last play of a hard fought game. That call effectively ended the game. And because a player exudes class post-game, doesn’t change my opinion.

I’m pretty sure I typed that it was a foul. Haha

If I call everything, well, the game would be entirely un-playable or watchable.

Way too much palming, carrying, traveling, offensive fouls via displacement of defender (e.g. Shaq), etc.

If they don’t make that call and Beuckers hits the winning shot (because the defender was taken out of the play on a blatantly illegal screen) how is that any less a case of the refs impacting the outcome of the game?


you could argue it might have been called a blind side block in the NFL



If it’s binary, then maybe we should check the entire game to assess all fouls called and to identify no-calls.

Whether you agree with the call or not, it just reinforces my belief that referees can affect the outcome. And why I disagree with those who say “they should have never been in that situation to begin with”. You are not always going to have an insurmountable lead in the closing moments of every game, and the ref can make a call (or not make a call) that can affect the outcome.

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I don’t get the argument the rules should change based on the time of the game


I agree with what you said here, but not what you meant. The play was not well executed, and the offensive player had to do something that is clearly against the rules in order for her team to gain an advantage. What you said above should be applied to the player, not the referee.


In general, I’d agree with you.