2023 WBB Discussion

Well, the 2023 basketball season is kicking off. Utah WBB, as expected, got a big win over MVSU, 104-45. Got challenged in Q1, but that was it.

P12 WBB is off to a sterling start.

  • #21 USC just upset #7 OSU
  • #20 CU is about to beat #1 LSU

This mornings braketology update has UTA moving to being a #1 seed after the LSU loss. The WBB looked good in their “Sisters of the Poor” game, but it was just that - a “Sisters of the Poor” game. If ESPN is correct, they won’t see any real competition until they move to conference play.

I will say this, Colorado handed the Lady Tigers a wake-up call. My guess is they will right that ship quickly.

And it’s only one game. That said, why am I imagining LSUfan out burning their WBB gear this morning…damn you Dr. Pepper! :joy::joy::joy:

Are they talking about Utah? Because they play Baylor and South Carolina before conference play.


I assume that you are referring to Creme’s latest projection. Texas is actually a projected 4-seed.

The projected 1-seeds are Connecticut, Iowa, UCLA and Utah.

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I’m guessing he missed typing the H on UTAH

Utah basketball’s Alissa Pili taken to emergency room during season opener (msn.com)

South Carolina looks scary. That freshman guard…oh my.

Any updates on this concern?

I thought that, also, but why would all the letters be capitalized?

Scratched eye.

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I saw that Utah is picked to win the conference this year, but after seeing what Colorado did, that goal will be very tough.

I didn’t see the game, how did the new players fit in?

UCLA will also be a serious threat. And, let’s not leave out Stanford.

How long does that put Pili out?

Don’t know. It didn’t say in the report I saw. Kennedy McQueen and Jenna Johnson also got hurt. You’d think it was the football team.

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But LSU is not the same team they were last year.

They have a lot of talent, but most of it is green. And Reese no longer has protection in the paint as they start her with 4 guards.

LSU played one ranked team in their first 23 games last year. They had lots of time to “practice”. They had a much ruder awakening

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In some ways, LSU WBB reminds me of Kentucky MBB now - so many new players that it takes time to gel and figure out how to play together. They get there, but takes into half the conference season.


This conference is going to be a force in WBB for years to come!

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Our 5th ranked Utes host South Carolina State TODAY at 7p MT at the Jon M. Huntsman Center.

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Utah WBB had a nice recruiting day. They signed a Top 100 recruit from Kansas, 4* product from California as well as a player from Australia.


Fwiw…P12 went 28-0 in its first week. 3 teams are in the top 5 and 5 teams in the top 10.