2023 Rose Bowl Thread: Utes vs. Nittany Lions

It’s time to start the pregame, intra-game, and post game discussion. Post away!

Here’s the view from the Penn State student need paper.

And Sports Illustrated’s pre-season assessment:

Utah wins in front of the largest home fan attendance at a game in the history of Utah football. Moves us one step closer to making more history.



I wish Vegas Ute would come back. He makes good points:


Anybody here know him? Go ahead and invite him! We are getting a small but steady stream of returning legacy posters.


Seats go on sale tomorrow for Crimson Club members, depending on donation level.


2022 Bowl Central - Penn State Athletics (gopsusports.com)

Penn State ticket info.

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The Shiny Rocks Bowl in Breaking Bad, NM


Hail Mary


Let’s not pollute the BACK-to-BACK ROSE BOWL thread with BYU talk. Take that to another thread please.


Done. New thread here.

Where everyone else is going:

I received the same thing from the U ticket office. Saw some sports media tweets saying that as the home team, Utah will actually be on the West side of the stadium. I assume they’re wrong and the map is correct. Though last year the home team was indeed on the West side.

I think I am a legacy poster, as a long-time donor over at Monkey’s site. [My brain still doesnt process his los… sort of a permanent denial]. Ive been more active this FB season than any time since before this sit was up and running. Even if a lot of it is about Gaming and Drum and Bugle Corps LOL

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I’d trust the official Rose Bowl map that ties their history to pac12/big10 matchup rather than tweets about home/away

I’m going to try to watch all those games. It’ll be fun to see how our PAC-12 Brethren match up against some of the teams that we played. I also want to support the conference with eyes on.
I would like to see how Oregon does against North Carolina since they gave Clemson a run.
I deff hope USC gets their hearts ripped out as well. Sorry, not sorry.


I say lets table the Pedo State stuff for this game. No doubt it was a horrific crime perpetrated by previous Penn State staff. But it has nothing to do with this staff, admin or players. Its low hanging fruit IMO and had been rehashed a thousand times already.


Police Blotter smack is weak sauce. I am sure there is a ton of better material out there…like they play in “Happy Valley.” We have experience beating a team from “Happy Valley” like a rented mule.

The only thing Penn State gets to look forward to is getting to beat U$C like a rented mule on a more regular basis…

Then again, so does Michigan, tOSU, Wisconsin, Illinois, Purdue…basically any B1G team not named Maryland, Rutgers, or Indiana. :wink:


This is the Rose Bowl seat map of the University of Utah issued. It tells you where each side’s seats are. Utah’s are on the east side.

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