2022-2023 Utah Basketball Thread

Hats off to Craig Smith. I was unnecessarily cynical last season but what he’s been able to do is really impressive, especially with the various limitations we have. I think another recruiting class or two and we’re in pretty good shape.


So Utah is 7-3 halfway through the conference schedule. Going 7-3 in the second half will be very, very tough. I am guessing the Utes go 5-5. But 12-8 would still be a big achievement and should get this team to the NIT, which would be a nice step.


It will be interesting to see how much juice is left in this year’s team.

Last year’s starters have been more effective so far this year - maturity + other options helping take pressure off - and the newcomers are starting to be consistent contributors, as they learn the Xs and Os that different opponents present and feel their games become more natural within the team concept.

Before the season started nobody gave us any chance of being even “decent” and so far we’ve exceeded expectations. It’s been fun to watch the growth… with the understanding against some teams we’re going to struggle to match up.

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I heard you are a closet UCLA fan. :upside_down_face:

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It’s because my favorite color combo is blue and gold. And I’m a bandwagon fan.


UCLA Always looks so sharp. Basketball, football AND baseball. They do unis right.

This team is essentially last years team with better health, better organization, and a better attitude… The only newcomers who have made a significant contribution so far are Keita and Ben C (who hasn’t been any better than Riley Battin). I agree Smith deserves a lot of credit for getting things better organized, and getting the guys to buy in.

Also credit to the players for being coachable, and busting their butts.


So I am watching the Kansas-Baylor game and was enjoying that Kansas was losing, then I see Caleb Lohner on the Baylor bench. Now I don’t know who to cheer for.


Is he getting much playing time at Baylor?

I would suggest you cheer for the Utes. :nerd_face:


15 minutes per game. 4 points/game, 4 rebounds/game



Agree except for Ben C. Although not a star he is a big upgrade from Battin—the stats might be the same, but he is a better athlete—runs better & can switch on D & cover most positions. With Keita out last game he did a decent job covering the big Washington 5. And he mixes it up underneath & sets a decent screen. But he is only a role player at best.


Ben has two years eligibility after this season. With his athleticism and size, he could wind up more than a role player.

I would not b e surprised to see Tarlac get his minutes (or more of them) next year.


I’ve been curious about Tarlac, as well. That said, I had heard he’s been injured on and off, not unlike Holt.

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Oregon St. is bad. If Utah can somehow figure out how to beat Oregon on Saturday, they will be 9-3 in conference play with three staright home games. It wouldn’t be crazy to think Utah would be 12-3 headed to Arizona. That’s of course if Utah breaks its 900-game losing streak to the Ducks on Saturday.


Is this shaping up to be the biggest blowout by Utah of a Pac-12 team?

Edit: Guess not. When garbage time came up, our subs came in, OSU hit a few threes, and we got a little sloppy.


Utah’s biggest blowout of a PAC-12 team is 83-41 over ASU in 2015. Not sure about a PAC-12 road game. I seem to remember a 30-point win at Colorado in 2016.

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Fingers crossed buddy. Oregon is vulnerable at home. They lost at home to both UVU and to Arizona State. If they play defense like they’ve been playing, they’ve got a great chance