2022-2023 Utah Basketball Thread

Talk about the season and games from this season in this thread

Decent game vs Sam Houston tonight. They beat Oklahoma so they probably arent a walk over.


Should be quite interesting. Thinking about going to the Hunty.

I agree that this game could/should be interesting in order to assess the Utes. Sadly, I can’t go tonight due to a conflict. If someone would like my tickets send me a board mail.

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Tix are gone.

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21 POINT favorites vs the roadrunners

If only we had an extra scholarship to give …

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Aimaq could transfer now, and be eligible immediately!

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Do we have a a Hollid to give?


Smith is sitting on 1.

this stupid game today is on CBSSN, grrrrr


Not Utah’s best effort so far. Pretty disappointing. BYU isn’t great, and I thought Utah had turned a corner. Guess not.

Hard to win when you shoot 34% and make 2 of 13 thees.

Two steps forward, one step back, glad i dont hace CBSSN

What a horrible game. This is the type of game you get casual fans to watch. And after watching this, it will be tough to get that fan back.

You want people to care about Utah basketball, I’d start by not getting blown out by BYU.

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Agreed. Team looked like garbage against a mediocre foe. The next step for Utah is to win on the road over decent teams.

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byu is bad.

Utes were worse today. Losts of missed and bad shots.
This was the first bball game i hav watched in a long time. I likd some of the hustle and there were a few lapses that got them.

Onto the next.

Luckily i had access to cbs today.