2022-2023 Recruiting

Bryant is a 6’8" 227lb SF from Fountain Valley, CA.

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If we were to get this guy over those schools, I will be duly impressed.


Utes have been linked to Diallo and Reed for a while. They seem like real possibilities.

And a couple more:

Robison is a 6’6" 185lb SG/SF from Lakeville, MN.

Sherrell is a Wasatch Academy kid from GA. A 6’9" 220lb PF.

And one more. Katoa is a 6’4" SG out of Layton.

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At 6’4” he is not little. No big schools on the list (as TDS contacts everyone with a pulse that can fog a mirror). That said he is two years out. Let’s see what the upcoming season brings out in him.

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What does that mean? It’s hashtag is “not committed”.

I admit that I don’t follow recruiting as closely as I could, so maybe I missed something.