2022-2023 Recruiting

Does anyone know anything about Partizan? Competitive league?

All I know is that I’m a strong supporter of Partizan.

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Basketball should not be a Partizan sport.

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If he locks some one up on D do we. All that getting g sent to the Tarlac Pit?

Does that wrap things up? I’m feeling better about next year for sure.

Can someone do an update on what the roster looks like now?

I might be missing one, but I believe we have one scholarship left.
Returnees: (7) Brandon Carlson, Anthony, Worster, Lazar, Holt, Madsen & Brenchley
Transfers: (2) Ben Carlson, Saunders
Freshman: (3) Keita, Exacte, & Tarlac
That’s 12

Baxter and Ballstaedt are walk-ons.


Yes. Better.

Are the carlsons related?


One schollie left. Maybe they’ll get another big? Still seems like the area of most need.


I think you could point to a few things that we need, but yeah, that would be my focus as well. While I think new B Carlson is going to be a really good player for us, he still isn’t a proven commodity and behind him we have…an injury prone walk on, an undersized guy coming off an acl that we still dont know much about.

But I will happily take the best player available, for sure.


One scholarship left.

This team still needs (in no particular order):

  1. One more big, preferably one who can compete on the glass and hit from outside. In other words, a better version of Riley Battin.
  2. Outside shooting/scoring, preferably by a guard who can also handle the ball. Think Brandon Taylor, Bibbins, etc.
  3. More ballhandling to cut down on turnovers. Unless you start both Worster and Saunders this team will be vulnerable to the press.

Recruiting has gone quiet again, so I expect a commit from another mystery European any day now.

My 2 cents


The Utes have called JUCO 6”11 2023 James Flippin of Wallace State CC (AL). Thought to be one of the top bigs in his class.

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6’8 PF from TX has a handful of P5 offers

Utes have talked to.

Utes have called 2024 Liam Campbell, a 6’5" SG from Idaho.

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