Who here has made the switch to Google Fiber?

Side note: I WFH and the last couple of weeks I’m staying with a friend who is recovering from a surgery at their place. They have Xfinity… two major problems was that it would go out intermittently for like 5-10 seconds - which killed a lot of zoom meetings. The upload speed was also terrible… and speedtest.net had atrocious ping rates too.

For most people not a big deal, but if you are working from home the difference is noticeable. I’ve often said that people really don’t need more than 200Mbps in an average household, but I appreciate the ping and reliability of Google Fiber.

They should pay me for these endorsements.


I can’t wait for utopia to get in out neighborhood…xfinity is terrible here

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My mother used to tell me in Brigham City they wanted some outrageous hook up fee for UTOPIA there, like two or three grand worth. I thought it didn’t seem to make any sense and figure she just misinterpreted something. What is it really?

BTW, Google Fiber had no extra fee to hook it up. Right to the $70/mo plus $10/mo for phone, or essentially $40/mo less in total than Century Link.

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Initially the only way to get Utopia connection was to pay to have them connect the fiber to your home. It was about $2700 at the time, but you then owned the connection, and could kind of consider it an asset or upgrade to your house. Once you were connected, the monthly ISP charge is between $35-$40. You could choose from multiple ISP’s and could cancel or change ISP’s anytime. We did this in Centerville, and love it. And if we ever sell our house, we’ll include the fiber connection as a selling point.

They have since put in payment plans and leases so your monthly charge is both the ISP and for the connection, around $70-$80 per month, but with a long term commitment.

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Google fiber has been in our neighborhood for about 4 years. There is a connection box in our front yard. We never switched from Comcast, because we would have to go through You Tube to get cable. At the time, it was too hard to get the Pac 12 network. By the time you pay You Tube, there really isnt much cost savings. Also, Comcast cut our monthly fee by about $50 when google came in.

P.s. I dealt with Utopia a lot in a legal capacity. It is a nightmare. Virtually every city (Murray for example) that signed up orignally wishes they never had and would like to get out but cant. except WVC. They are gung ho.


We cut the cord! Have had Google wire x 2 weeks in our home and will drop a Major cable carrier at the end of the month. For the cognoscenti among us:

  • What is the best “All Utes/PAC12 network” ancillary channel to subscribe


  • Other suggestions for Amazon Prime/Netflix and other movie documentaries

Thanks so much!

I just cut the cord at my SLC home. Had Google Fiber installed and went with YouTubeTV.

I researched Sling, FUBO and YouTube tv. Sling just didn’t do it for me channel-wise. Really liked FUBO, but they don’t have any of the Turner channels, so no CNN, no Turner Classic Movie channel, and no TNT, TBS and Tru meaning no March Madness, they do have Pac 12 Network. YouTube had everything I wanted but no Pac-12. I have Cox cable at my other home in California, and figured I could stream and cast it if needed. Also, I don’t watch much Pac 12 network during the time I am in Utah.

One week in, it’s worked great. One key thing I’ve found, Google Chromecast TV seems to be the most compatible with YouTube tv. I also have a Roku stick and it’s not as good, for me.


We reached the same conclusion. We went with Youtube over FUBO, because I really like TCM. We added Philo because it had American Heroes and History (although History is a shadow of it’s former self… Pawn Stars? American Pickers? Ancient Aliens? WTF???)

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I added Disney+ and Hulu bundle so I could watch the Beatles doc; watched it twice and then started watching the Mandalorian and some other things and never got around to canceling it. I’ll probably fool around and end up pretty much where I began!

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I’m keeping an eye on it. Even with Youtube TV and Philo, we’re still only at 40% of what we were spending on DirecTV. I don’t have near as many channels, but I can only think of a couple that I used to watch that I don’t have now.

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Exactly, I didn’t watch most of the channels I previously anyway. I already had Netflix and Prime video and had recently added Apple TV, so I don’t count them. My big concern was the awkwardness of streaming versus the ease of channel surfing, but that really hasn’t been an issue.

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Thanks so much! Appreciate the due diligence and report. :slightly_smiling_face:
I live in Utah and actually enjoy PAC12 Network. I watch if for PAC analysis and mostly women’s collegiate sports, but sometimes, I just keep it on to support the PAC12.
It also appears that at least half: with hopefully a more of a trend towards less - of our games are on PACTV.
How does one find those games when every game is something we look forward to? What say those whom live for Utah sports, anytime?


I don’t know about it from Layton City’s perspective, but I have had Utopia on Sumo for years and with one issue of DDOS that lasted for about a week a year (maybe 2?) or so ago, I have nothing but good to say about it. It works great for remote work as well as streaming, since I have no antenna for cable. For the $70 I spend a month on it, it has been well worth it.