Who here has made the switch to Google Fiber?

We cut the cord! Have had Google wire x 2 weeks in our home and will drop a Major cable carrier at the end of the month. For the cognoscenti among us:

  • What is the best “All Utes/PAC12 network” ancillary channel to subscribe


  • Other suggestions for Amazon Prime/Netflix and other movie documentaries

Thanks so much!

I just cut the cord at my SLC home. Had Google Fiber installed and went with YouTubeTV.

I researched Sling, FUBO and YouTube tv. Sling just didn’t do it for me channel-wise. Really liked FUBO, but they don’t have any of the Turner channels, so no CNN, no Turner Classic Movie channel, and no TNT, TBS and Tru meaning no March Madness, they do have Pac 12 Network. YouTube had everything I wanted but no Pac-12. I have Cox cable at my other home in California, and figured I could stream and cast it if needed. Also, I don’t watch much Pac 12 network during the time I am in Utah.

One week in, it’s worked great. One key thing I’ve found, Google Chromecast TV seems to be the most compatible with YouTube tv. I also have a Roku stick and it’s not as good, for me.


We reached the same conclusion. We went with Youtube over FUBO, because I really like TCM. We added Philo because it had American Heroes and History (although History is a shadow of it’s former self… Pawn Stars? American Pickers? Ancient Aliens? WTF???)

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I added Disney+ and Hulu bundle so I could watch the Beatles doc; watched it twice and then started watching the Mandalorian and some other things and never got around to canceling it. I’ll probably fool around and end up pretty much where I began!

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I’m keeping an eye on it. Even with Youtube TV and Philo, we’re still only at 40% of what we were spending on DirecTV. I don’t have near as many channels, but I can only think of a couple that I used to watch that I don’t have now.

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Exactly, I didn’t watch most of the channels I previously anyway. I already had Netflix and Prime video and had recently added Apple TV, so I don’t count them. My big concern was the awkwardness of streaming versus the ease of channel surfing, but that really hasn’t been an issue.

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Thanks so much! Appreciate the due diligence and report. :slightly_smiling_face:
I live in Utah and actually enjoy PAC12 Network. I watch if for PAC analysis and mostly women’s collegiate sports, but sometimes, I just keep it on to support the PAC12.
It also appears that at least half: with hopefully a more of a trend towards less - of our games are on PACTV.
How does one find those games when every game is something we look forward to? What say those whom live for Utah sports, anytime?


I don’t know about it from Layton City’s perspective, but I have had Utopia on Sumo for years and with one issue of DDOS that lasted for about a week a year (maybe 2?) or so ago, I have nothing but good to say about it. It works great for remote work as well as streaming, since I have no antenna for cable. For the $70 I spend a month on it, it has been well worth it.

OK, it looks like I have to overcome my laziness and switch to Google Fiber.

To those of you who have switched to Google Fiber, can you give me a bit of an idea of how easy they are to work with on the following fronts please:

  1. I understand that they us a PNEUMATIC mole type device to dig from the nearest curbside access point to a point along the foundation of your house, pierce the foundation to run a line in, and install the equipment at a nearby point with power.
  • is that installation description accurate?
  • are they good at this? clean, reliable, etc., or have people had problems with this process creating problems with sprinkler plumbing, utilities, etc.?
  • do they allow you some flexibility on the location of the access point? I have a utility room, in one area of my basement where all the gigabit ethernet wiring I installed several years ago terminates. I’d like to keep any routers or WIFI equipment there.
  1. Are people experiencing rate increases, or are the rates consistently remaining at $70/mo?

  2. Is google as reliable as I have heard in the past, always up, consistently fast?

  3. Any other observations/recommendations regarding google products or installation?

Thanks in advance!

BTW - the reason I’m switching, is that my Xfinity bill just went up from $60/mon to $80/mon and they appear unwilling to do anything to reduce it. I was told I had a 2 year introductory offer that had just expired - I was not told it was an introductory price when I signed up. The monthly billing is supposed to be $93, but they are discounting it to me for one year at $80. I called and offered to stay with them if they could reduce the billing to $60/month. After waiting on hold for more then 30 minutes, the call was disconnected and no one called back. I have had regular nighttime outages the entire time I’ve used Xfinity and while my wife was working at home during the pandemic, we had several day long outages. They have almost completely eliminated the ability to talk to someone about outages, billing questions, etc. I’ll be VERY HAPPY to have them way back in the rear view, just not looking forward to the issues that may occur switching over.

you can stream all the march madness games for free. you don’t need tnt, tbs or any of the others

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OK, that’s a lot of questions. I’ll try to hit them all:

  1. The pneumatic mole is only used from the street to under the curb and/or sidewalk. After that the cable installer digs a very skinny, but about a foot deep trench to get it the rest of the way to house. They then mount a box on your foundation. Mine is right next to where the other utilities come in. At that point they do have to drill a hole to come into the house. I might not have to be through the foundation if there’s a better access point. I’m currently in middle installation for the house we’re moving to (anybody want to buy the one I’m in now?) next month. I’ll have them route the cable into the house there, but after that I will have it run to a bedroom I’m going to convert to an office. That’s what we did in the current home. The router then sits behind the computer desk and one of the two mesh transponders sits on top. Two mesh units cover my entire 2900 sq ft home just fine; one in the basement office and one in the main floor living room. No problems with coverage in the top floor bedrooms with that arrangement.

  2. No rate increases to this point, although I only had it installed in March on the current home. It’s $86/mo when you include a phone line for a 1GBS plan. The phone cost is $10/mo. It’s a steal.

  3. Haven’t had any reliability issues or variable speed issues.

  4. I’ve thought the installers did a fine job working with me on where to run things, cleaned everything up nicely, and the guy that did the final install did a good job making sure everything was set up properly before he left. As for the current move, the only thing I found odd was I had to create a new account to get the fiber installed to the new house rather than just get that done and have a day set to transfer the service to the new address. That’s a minor hassle at best. Final install is supposed to be this coming week. I’ll have to have two accounts overlapping for a couple of weeks, then I’ll cancel the first one.

Hope this helps.


They brought mine in via cable, no digging. Rate has stayed the same and service has been very dependable. Never had a problem. A bonus for me, I went down to my other home in CA and cancelled the cable and was going to order YouTube tv for there too. Google fiber hasn’t arrived yet. I found that my Utah subscription works there. Gets a little funky with local channels sometime so if I have to watch SLC news and weather while in CA, it’s no big deal. Most of the time I’ll get some out of area message and If I back out of it, it switches to San Diego channels.

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I finally have google fiber working in the house. For those thinking about switching, I would highly recommend it.

I had a lot of trouble getting the outside (curb to foundation) installation done the way I wanted, because Google assumes that they can send a contractor to your house without you being there, and that you’ll be satisfied with what they do. I was out of town twice when they tried to install it, and my neighbor (knowing that I was going to be very particular about how it was installed) sent them away each time, threatening to call the police the second time. He did get the phone number of the manager of the contracting organization the second time.

Once I had the phone number of the contractor, it was super simple to schedule a time with them, when I would be there, and they were more than happy to do exactly what I wanted (completely different that what they initially intended).

The interior installation was very easy, (largely because I had everything ready, including pre-run string between joist spaces to pull the cable from a crawl space to the utility closet in the furnace area).

I have much faster throughput up and down than before, and I was able to play a little with the location of the second mesh device so that I now have fast service everywhere on my lot, including within my detached garage.

My billing will go down $10 a month from what I was paying Xfinity (and down $38 a month from what Xfinity would have started to charge me in the coming months when my introductory offer ran out).

I could not be happier :slight_smile:


It’s amazing how as soon as Google fiber was run along the park strip in front of my house my Xfinity internet got faster and has been incredibly stable. :person_shrugging:

I keep an eye on the prices and may pull the trigger at some point but as of right now it doesn’t make enough of a difference cost wise to make the switch based on our TV watching habits and the streaming services we use. And with the miraculous improvement in Xfinity speed and reliability in the last couple of years Google would not be much different from our current setup. The minute that changes for the worse I’m out though.

Xfinity was down for a couple of hours last week b/c Comcast was upgrading their system in our neighborhood.

We havent switched b/c we did not trust You Tube for tv/streaming. What do you all do for that, and how has it worked.

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We use FUBO and works well. Has both P12 and P12 Mountain.

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I have YouTubeTV at two houses and have never had a problem. Like it very much. And pleasantly discovered I can use the same account at both homes.

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Anyone having challenges with SLING on 2 TV’s at the aame time?
We discovered during the last game that we had to pick 1 TV. We have the Orange package & Blue package plus the sports package.
Didnt happen before.
Scanning online seems there’s a bunch of different selection instructions.

We’ve not tried it with 2 tvs, but yes, I’ve been having troubles with the App. Not sure how to describe it. During the last game, it kept wanting to show the NCSU/TT game. I’d have to shut it down, and restart app, and tell it to show the Utah game. Had to use the guide in the app do so. Then at the predicted end of game it just shut down, I had to restart again.

A touch irritating to put it mildly.

We also switched to FUBO when google ended its TV setup. Honestly haven’t missed it. I get all my live broadcasts and PAC-12 network and best of all it’s super portable. I pay for up to 10 screens at once and have the sports package and it’s still 1/2 the cost of Comcast. When the PAC-network dies I don’t know that Od change because it’s been solid and reliable. Does seem to work better on my Roku and chrome cast than on the Apple TV box (which downgrades the picture quality a lot) but that might be Apple and it might be the location. I’ll have to find time and energy to experiment