Who here has made the switch to Google Fiber?

It just got installed on our street. I’m thinking it looks like a lot better deal than CenturyLink DSL & phone like we have now. 5x the download speed and add phone for $10/mo v about $130 from CL. Am I reading the tea leaves right here?

Check for hidden stuff. There may be some fees the municipality will add to the bill, outside of the franchise tax, that may boost the cost of the service. $10 a month sounds like an ISP gateway fee only.

Not according to the brochure. The Internet part is $70/mo. I’m sure there are franchise taxes and such, but haven’t seen them laid out yet.

We have had access to it for tenants at our triplex for three years or so. They pay for the actual service and all of them rave about it.

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I’m on Google Fiber - no contract, no hidden fees - exactly $70/mo. They’ll set you up with a mesh system with 2 access points so you’ll be able to get wifi everywhere in your house - no charge to set it up or for the equipment. You can easily add more if you want (I think they are $100 an add’l access point). They take care of everything and do a great job.

I’ve been on it 2 (or maybe more) years now and I haven’t been down once - so I can’t tell you what customer support is like but others I know say it is amazing.

In short, it is the complete opposite of CenturyLink or Comcast. Fast, completely reliable, no contracts, no hidden fees, no renting modems or having to buy new equipment and all that other nonsense. Do it now, don’t look back.

I’ll contrast that with CenturyLink - constantly down, modems you’d have to buy that would die like every 2 years, billing and customer support nightmares. Worst is they did an install where they tried to string a loose wire through my window and just shut it on it.


As far as things sucking, I found someone who echoes it…:joy::joy::joy:

Over two years ago, they spent a couple weeks doing trenching and construction work on my street. They told us they were installing the infrastructure for Google Fiber.

It’s still showing as “not available in your area” (South Jordan, near Daybreak). Annoying, as I’d make the switch in a heartbeat if I could.

Thanks. I have a long term grudge against CL but never had a decent alternative. Several years ago we started having connection issues. I called, waited on hold for a long time, and got told they’d send a tech to check our wiring. While I knew it wasn’t that, we freed up a half day wait. The tech came and went and never even rang our doorbell. They then admitted it was a problem in their end.

Two weeks later the same problem occurred. I went through the customer non-service drill again until they said they’d have to send a tech, when I told the poor guy at the other end I’d done that already and it was their problem. He stuck to the script trying to have me restart my modem. “No. I’ve done that and we already know this is your equipment issue.” Later that day the connection started to work but they’d throttled it down to 0.5mbs. I called back and got some supervisor who said that’s what they could do. Now I’m pissed. “So you’re saying I can’t have the speed I’ve had and paid for for five years?” His response sent me over the edge. “Well, if you read your contract it says speeds up to 25mbs.” My reply was, “Don’t you even }*%^ing go there. You’ve been providing it until yhe last two weeks and if you no longer can the next call I make to you will be to say I’m going to your competitor.” That was an idle threat because that would mean Comcast but he didn’t know. Two hours later it was fixed.

I’ve never really let that go.


That’s the CenturyLink MO. If we had a rainstorm our internet would go out, but somehow that was our equipment problem, with the only fix is to upgrade to another serve. Yeah… no. Basically, I hold the same grudge.

But the truth is, I kind of expect these sort of services to be crappy - and I’m not the type to give a glowing review like I did about Google Fiber, because it is a commodity. It’s like saying, “Hey, the water to my house is GREAT.” But if you’ve been through the nonsense of CL and Comcast it feels heaven sent.

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Well, so much for the no fees claim - I just got this today:

Starting February 1, 2022, a local access fee will appear on your bill

Starting February 1, 2022 , a local access fee will appear on your monthly bill. This fee will be in addition to the monthly charge for your internet plan. This fee is 2% of the monthly cost of your internet plan.

While we do our best to include all fees in the flat, predictable price you pay for internet (like installation and hardware), this is how Google Fiber compensates Salt Lake City for access to roads, infrastructure and public areas for construction, maintenance, and repairs to the network. Google Fiber passes on 100% of this fee to Salt Lake City .

We appreciate your business and want to thank you for being a valued Google Fiber customer.

If you have additional questions about this change to your bill, visit Fiber’s Help Center to review our FAQs.

2% would be $1.40 a month


CenturyLink and Suddenlink for us. Same MO with both companies. Be glad if you don’t have either of these 2 companies. I keep thinking about jumping to Elon Musk’s internet, Starlink I think it’s called, but the upfront cost is a bit steep.

So, my question for the board is: have any of you used Elon’s internet? Frankly if given a choice I’d take Comcast, Spectrum, even AT&T over CenturyLink or Suddenlink.

Anyone try the T-mobile internet for $50/mo? I have Comcast and it’s ok. Wish we had Google Fiber, but not yet.

We’ve had Xfinity/Comcast for many years now. At first it was mediocre and went down every so often or the speed would slow down. Fast forward to Google fiber getting installed at the property line and miraculously our speed got boosted, service became very reliable and our price is competitive with Google. Funny how that happens. We’ve looked at cutting the cord a few times but to match what we use currently it doesn’t make sense to switch. Xfinity has integrated most of our main streaming services so it’s easy to switch back and forth with the voice remote. If they ever charge us more I will switch in a heart beat.

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Yes, it’s remarkable what a little competition will do (and CenturyLink with their old copper telephone service that failed to multiplex Internet whenever there was a little moisture didn’t create enough competition).

Since dropping CenturyLink, we had nothing but trouble with Comcast for about 9 months until Google was in our neighborhood, but since, the service almost never goes down, and when it does, a call to Customer service, nets a free month virtually every time.

Google is still a better option, I’ve just been too lazy to change. It will require that I fish wire/fiber, from the only practical point of access to the house to the place where my hardwired internet (Cat7) and general facilities are located in the basement - I won’t let them in the house.


I’m getting 1,200 Mbps from Xfinity and it’s gone down twice in 4 years. Wouldn’t switch if I could.

I pulled the trigger on this yesterday afternoon. I anticipate saving $50 to $60/month with 5x the download speed. That’s almost enough for two sets of plane tickets to Denver every year to see my new granddaughter. Good trade.


That’s interesting because my neighbor across the street is switching to Google because XFinity increased his price again even after Google got installed on our street.


It might depend on how many customers they lose in an area. We had Xfinity reps going door to door to retain customers at one point after Google came in. I think they had a big exodus. It worked in our favor.

One nice thing about Google Fiber is the mesh network. I don’t know if you have WiFi dead spots in your house but I definitely did. I ended up springing for a third access point for $100 so I could a solid signal in my back yard too.

Also, this may be less important to you but you get 1gbps up and down. Most other services are only down, and even that is “burstable” so it might hit that for short stints.

Truth is that kind of speed is irrelevant for most people. Get above 100Mbps and the normal household can’t tell the difference.


The leap was completed today. Pretty nice upgrade in speed. I’m seeing roughly 30x download speed improvement. And, in what I find a sweet irony, it was simply minutes in a chat space with Century Link to cancel their service, although it will take someone a week to go throw a switch or whatever simple thing they need to do to shut it off. It’s much more simple to quit being their customer than to be on the phone with them to fix something and still be their customer.