Whiney little *******

I watched with disappointment just as all of you did, but instead of blaming the coaches or players for lack of effort I reflected on the progress of the program. If any of you actually played the game of football you would know that neither the players or the coaches were disinterested or lacking in motivation. They simply got outplayed today. I’ve been following Utah Football since the early 80’s and am proud of how far they have come. Is there work to be done ? Obviously yes, but the constant whining for perfection is getting tiresome. These kids lay it on the line for our pleasure, and when they come up short you ■■■■■ about it. (Not everyone) Let’s take a realistic perspective on it and enjoy what they have given us, a damn good ride! I’m bummed about the outcome, but if you don’t think these kids are more bummed you’re sadly mistaken. GO UTES !!!

There is no doubt getting blown out in the P12 championship game, followed by further humiliation on national television against a middle-of-the-road B12 team set our program back. I just can’t get around that fact.

How many times must we be humiliated on a national stage? I’m tired of hearing about the Sugar Bowl. What else have we done? Whittingham is the common denominator here. While I’m still a very ardent fan, I am tired of this garbage.


I disagree thstcthose two losses set our program back. In what way? Recruiting? I doubt it it will be a significant set back. Kids these days want All sorts of things. The losses didn’t help us any but a major set back ? Not seeing it.


Inability to win big games, especially in the post season, has to have negative consequences.

What is the last, meaningful big game Utah has won?

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If you actually played the game of football, you would be able to recognize the difference.

Oh, come on. There are lots of us who’ve shown up to every home game, donated, cheered for this and other Ute teams through thick and thin, and have loved this season and love the Utes. We’ve just watched in horror as they’ve lost their final two games — the two most important games of the season — in blowouts when they were favored, and on national TV. They were two awful, shocking, inexplicable season-tarnishing losses, coming at the end of what was a magical season. For a long time to come, outsiders will look at promising Utah seasons through the lens of this season’s two consecutive concluding debacles. We’ll hear football pundits wonder whether the team is real, or just another paper tiger that can’t win the big games. We’re all here devastated, processing all of this, and all you can do is jump in and call everyone names?


Well, he specifically said not everyone. But I find it really annoying when anyone is presumptuous enough to claim they know what is going on in anyone’s head, and says the staff and players don’t care. That’s BS. They care more than any fan will ever know.


There’s a lot to be proud of for all sports, the academic programs and the community.
We have performed superlatively before and defied expectations.
We had good days. We will have good days again. I don’t think perfection is what is being sought.
But I don’t like to see our players standing with hands on hips watching the QB getting mauled. Don’t like to see poor discipline cheap-shots leading to back-breaking scores.
It would be ok to see the coaches firing people up on the sidelines.
There’s something amiss. I just can’t describe how patternistic it seems that we lose the wind in our sails right at the end of the season.
I’m sick and tired of the talking heads ridiculing us. We didn’t earn the respect we expected.
That’s all. It’s a game. We need to act like sportsman and also be more gracious fans.
But it’s okay to shake our heads in wonder


Bowl games are meaningless.


Not only set OUR a program back, but the entire PAC 12 Conference. I am not convinced that Oregon or Texas are that much better. They both just came to the games better prepared and with more focus. 90% of your best is a big difference from 110% and it showed. It showed in the poor execution.

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This while thread is about as predictable as our end of the season collapse.




They really are, save the e extra practice, unless it’s NY6.

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I think this loss hurts our program’s reputation. So it’s not meaningless in that sense.


I doubt it moved the needle.


We had an opportunity to finish in the top 10 and now we’ll be lucky to be ranked at all. That’s a big deal. Every game counts.

We ain’t dropping out of the top 25.

Season is still a failure. #Allgamesmatter

Bowl games don’t. They haven’t since the CFP.

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Final ranking is important in evaluating the success of the season. You can still have a successful season and not make the CFP. I’d be curious to know just how many posters (or fans in general) think bowl games don’t matter. I’d also argue it affects recruiting and overall momentum into the next season. Every game matters. Change my mind.

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