Where did the politics option go?

Not showing up for me.

That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


I mentioned this to Rocker several days ago, more than once. One day, it was there in the AM, by the afternoon, it was gone. He suggested that I had modified a setting, which I told him I had not.

I’m thinking this has been done intentionally and the site owners are not willing to say, at least at that point. I could be as wrong as rain and if I need to issue an apology to them, I’ll get that out of the way right now. I’m sorry if you guys had nothing to do with Politics & War going away.

The timing was interesting. Right at the point of impeachment by the House. But also, Rocker and LA and a few others me included were in the mists of an interesting discussion on related issues.

Like I said, if I am wrong, full apologies to all involved. I’m just telling you what I noted.

I have been able to get into our discussion at the time P&W disappeared by looking at my history of posts. But that is the only way I can get to it.

Here is the discussion that was on-going when P&W went dark: Steele Dossier.

Here is a P&W post I made today that nobody has viewed. Maybe its me, maybe its that P&W is now blind to us.

Some lessons cannot be learned.

You are 100% wrong, take off your tinfoil hat.

I am not sure why you can’t see it, but it seems to have coincided with a scheduled update to the platform we are using. So I am trying to diagnose what is up.

Pretty silly for you to accuse us of that by the way. I would hope by this point you would know us better than that.

What I instructed you to do is to go and look at the setting for you personally on the category and make sure it hadn’t been muted. I encourage substitute to do the same. To do that click on the link below, look for the circle on the right side at the top of the category, click on it and set it to how you want to be alerted.

Try this link and see if it works for you:



Is it too late change my name to DeepStateUte?


I did everything you told me to do, as I indicated in PM. Nothing changed. I apologized out of the gate for my original note, but Substitute confirmed that I am not alone. It struck me as odd that the only missing category is P&W. So yes, my mind for a parsec went a wandering. Again, excuse me if I erred. What I said on timing and how it disappeared was spot on. Thank you for checking, while at the same time, at time of year, seriously don’t waste too much time on it.

As I noted the other day and as I see now on my machine, the category is not present when I click on the 3 horizontal bars to the left of my icon. When I click on the word “Categories” all of them are listed on the far left. However, P&W is not among them.

And as I’ve mentioned, to get to the category I hit my icon to see most recent posts. Then I can get into it.

It’s never shown up for me. I was able to access it through the link Rocker provided, but I have never seen it as an option anywhere else.

I just logged into your account as you and you actually did have it set to muted. I changed it to watched and it is showing up in your categories again.

Pebcak error it appears. :wink:

For the record I was offended by what you said for two main reasons:

First it implies that I support Trump it are trying to cover up his current issues. This is the last time I’ll say this, I do not support Trump.

Second, that either LA or I would do such a thing. LA and I are on opposite sides of the spectrum politically in a lot of ways. However, we’ve always tried to act with integrity and do were we to subvert things on the board like you described certainly we would tell people, “We are turning politics off…” Something we’ve never done in the years since we’ve controlled the board not even with my co-ownership with Chris before that.

So, in the future, we’ll tell people what we are doing. Private meetings are for the senate judiciary committee. :wink:


I’m no longer “seeing” P&W
It says no site exists or is private

FWIW, I also had noticed P&W was no longer on my list the other day. I just checked my settings and it was muted. I took the mute off but still don’t see it. Not that I really want to wade into it, but the option is nice. I will say having it as opt-in has been a great move to reduce board toxicity.


The day you suggested that I look at that, I did and toggled back and forth. No change. So I downloaded new Foxfire software and restarted my computer. Still nothing. But at that point, I could not remember how many times I had clicked it both ways. So I am absolutely not surprised in 50/50 probability that it ended up that way. But thank you.

As for your being offended. I’m surprised and I regret that. No offense was meant, period. I am quite clear about your views. I believe the exchange we enjoyed the other day absolutely reflects my understanding and respect for your views on our president. We both could benefit from asking more questions or removing our tinfoil hats, as you say.

I was and remain at a loss for why suddenly the P&W category was gone, but still accessible if you knew how. That is what I conveyed in my PM to you. I absolutely prior touched nothing on settings. Full stop. After you suggested I look, I fussed back and forth and as noted here, must have left the toggle in the muted position. But apparently I was not the only one to encounter this issue.

I didn’t thimk his conspiracy theory involved how you felt about Trump but rather you wanted to make it disappear because it’s all so annoying, this whole impeachment process sucks no matter what you believe the result should be, if I have to hear one more role call…

I can’t see it either

Apparently if you wear a tinfoil hat you can’t see it. ;>)

I must be an idiot because I can’t fine the politics category and have no idea how to unmute the category. I wish I could see all categories…

I’m really ok with no Political Section. Yes I can uncheck it. But if it’s there it’s like a donut…just laying in wait…tempting…but ultimately not good for anyone.

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Okay everyone, back up…

I am currently not sure why it does not show for some of you. However politics is a donor only and opt-in only category.

If for some reason it isn’t showing up for you, and you are a donor, here is the fix to see it:

  1. Click on this link: https://www.utefans.net/c/politics-war

  2. Look too the topish right for a circle shaped icon (if muted it will have an x in it) and click on it to change your setting for the category that you would prefer

  3. Depending on that setting will affect how it shows up on your feed.

We are not trying to repress speech, the issue seems to have coincided with an update (speculation on my part right now) and we’ll hopefully get it resolved. In the meantime bookmark that link in case it pops back up. I’ve reached out to the platform developers to look into this bug.

If you aren’t a donor the link won’t work for you.

Sorry for the delay in this response, LA and I were busy at an Illuminati meeting yesterday plotting ways to advance our political agendas and world domination through UF.N.


That must be it because I received access after reaching “Regular” member status, however, I am not yet a donor. So, the upgrade must have sniffed me out.
Guilty as charged…

Sorry, there is a lengthy thread under donate that contains the evaluation of the donor policy that I (and maybe others) had not read. Contained there somewhere was a note that politics and war as well as future unknown categories are only available to donors. I think in the upgrade this change was not know by many. It would be good to know if there are other topics that are also for donors only. Also, possibly there are donors that have not be noted to the website as a donor since this is not integrated. Please don’t be offended, but the donation process is still clunky for old guys that don’t like using reoccurring payments or expiring subscriptions and may still be writing checks. I do understand there are costs related to the website, we just need to realize the model of a onetime optional donation is gone - if all categories are desired.

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Donations go to the ACLU for the board to show.