What the F is going on?

Zion Steptoe decommits. A lot of stink on this program right now. Buckle your seats, we’re in for a real bumpy ride.


If you were a highly recruited WR, would you want to come to Utah? Not saying that can’t change at some point, but I can understand these kid’s concerns, especially after seeing what has happened this year.

It’s also why I pay exactly zero attention to recruiting. Losing sleep over the ever-changing whims of 18-year-old kids seems like a fool’s errand to me.


I put this under football recruiting… and your asking who? Maybe you should just stick to “favorite photo” or what are you listening to" threads

Meh, some Ufans want it both ways - when the Utes land a big commit its gushed over for weeks but when they decommit it the “don’t lose sleep over the whims of a 18 year blah blah”

My biggest concern is if commits and prospect are looking at disheveled Kwhitt and wondering if he’s around next year? This is the first time in Kwhitts career that I wonder if he’s “all in” and if so, for how long.

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This isn’t the first time this has ever happened, and it won’t be the last. Best wishes to the young man wherever he ends up…just not if he is playing us. :wink:



Well he did get a haircut, so you can’t blame the team’s misfortunes on that any longer.


I’m not sure we can read too much into this. Also, so far as stink goes, what do you mean, we’re having a down year on the field and are getting hammered off. We’ll be fine.

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By “stink” i mean something seems off. Something different then at any time in kwhitts coaching tenure.

Yes, the Utes have had a few down years, but more so because of a huge lack of talent in the early days of the PAC12. One could argue this team has the most talent kwhitt has ever had but it’s missing the energy and belief. This is a coaching /culture issue.

Can it be fixed? Yea, but it starts at the top. Kwhitts body language isn’t good… and if I’m a recruit ( and parents of a recruit) I’m taking a good hard look at what things might look like in a year or two.

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I’m gonna go with @Greginslc, you may be reading too much into this. Like Greg said, it’s not the first time, nor will it be the last. Happens to every school; someone commits, someone changes their minds. Don’t tell me that you, as an 18 y/o didn’t change your mind about as often as the wind changes directions.

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Dude is 118th WR in the class. Let’s pump the breaks on acting like he’s a program changer.


I don’t disagree that’s it’s had an effect on Whit. He obviously seems to be struggling right now. Having two players killed in 9 months will have an effect on anyone.

If that’s the kid’s reasoning for walking away from the program and what it offers, so be it.


Even more a concern. 118th WR thinks he could do better.
And if he has dreams of going the the NFL - then yes, go to a team that will throw the ball to you.

Or doesn’t think he’ll play or be able to qualify. You must have lettered in long jump in HS.


I truly don’t believe any recruit would cut bait because of these tragic deaths - that ridiculous and kind of a dig at Steptoe. I would say yea, A WR recruit sees that current WR aren’t getting balls thrown to them, a lot of bad coaching and faux enthusiasm and effort.

When I see this Ute offense performing like the Keystone Cop’s I don’t look at the player - I look at Kwhitt, and honestly I don’t see the fire to fix it.

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SMH. So what I’ve heard on the board is that it’s either he didn’t want to come to Utah because he thinks the tragic deaths are too unsightly OR he’s not smart or good enough… anything else?

I never said he was bailing because of the player deaths.

You think he might have walked away because Whit doesn’t seem to be showing his usual fire this year. While that’s a perfectly legit decision for a recruit to make, I also think that context needs to be considered as to why Whit seems less invested at this particular moment.


I think it is pretty silly that people think Whittingham isn’t invested or ‘looks disheveled’. Fans are weird.

  1. We lost to a team for the first time in 11 years who is ranked #10 right and also 5-0 (albeit that ranking will prove to be undeserved IMHO. The Utah game was their Super Bowl…)

  2. We lost a week later probably a lot due to item #1 and also to a team currently ranked #25 and 4-0.

We pulled it together and beat WSU with a guy making his first start of the season, found our RB and our O-line seemed to start putting things together near the end of the game.

I’m not ready to label this a down year yet.


It would be great if OnlyU would address this issue.

My take: I think he’s tired (physically and mentally). 2019 conference championship took it’s toll. It was supposed to be getting to the Rose Bowl and then walking off the stage. Instead, two curb stomping (Oregon and Texas) that he’s trying to avenge that pain… but it’s taking a major toll on him. After all these years he might have hoped that things would be on cruise control… let the others pick up the slack.

Hoping I’m wrong and that it’s just a youth thing that will sort itself out this season. But I don’t think so. Again, it just looks and feels different.

I would not, and I felt that way for quite some time. That said, I think Whitt et al, has done a much better job on recruiting QBs. As far as o-line goes, I’m not sure. Per Whitt, I’m just paraphrasing, it’s always on the coaches – you either can’t coach or you can’t recruit. Given the lackluster performance by our o-line in the past few years, it has to be one or both. If Huntley had a better line, it would’ve been interesting.