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“Nobody cares.”-Toon Army



How was it? If you recommend it I’ll have a look.

He was a gifted early rock and roll performer and a troubled human being.

Watched Minority Report for the umpteenth time last night. That film doesn’t get the love it deserves.

Been watching the first season of Resident Alien. It’s…ok. Alan Tudyk is awesome (as always) but it feels like the show can’t figure out what it wants to be. It swings wildly from comedy to family drama to murder mystery to rom com, almost jarringly so. Not sure if I’ll be interested enough for a second season, but we’ll see.


Really good. Worth watching again. Fantastic piano player. Remarkable “stunts,” but wow! the guy clearly knows how to play them 88’s.
Heres a short clip:


This film was not as good as I had hoped. Great idea with poor execution:

Will be must-watch television.

No debate drinking games!!!

Someone could actually die from playing in one of those. :wink:

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I wonder if they’ll still have a kill switch on the respective microphones?

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They better not preempt Big Brother.


That’s the only way this would be even remotely worthwhile. Otherwise they’re just going to yell over each other for a couple hours like last time.

Give both candidates the same questions beforehand and get rid of the live audience as well (shouting and jeering from the peanut gallery adds ZERO value).

Let the people actually hear what each candidate has to say about specific policy and social issues without all the juvenile theatrics. That would actually be a useful endeavor.

Of course…none of that will happen because it wouldnt drive nearly the same ratings. I’m 100% sure it’ll be the same sh*tshow as it was before.


I read somewhere that the format is supposedly muted mic when it’s not somebody’s turn.

After the 2016 and 2020 debacles where one person (recognize a common denominator?) decided rules don’t apply to them, and dragged the whole thing into a shouting match… I dont think they can ever go back to “normal” debates.


Let’s go, Ephs.

Binged Season 1 today.

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Let’s go, you reds.

After finishing the binge of “Jane the Virgin” I am finding myself riffing other series I am watching like I am the narrator.

My wife lays and my daughter is rolling her eyes. :joy::roll_eyes: