What I’m watching

Just started Mandalorian Season 2 with the kids. This show is the best thing Star Wars since Empire Strikes Back, tbh.

Plus Timothy Oliphant can do no wrong. He is one bad, bad man. Makes me want to go back and watch Justified…for a third time.

I did the first season. It was good in places, and Oliphant was great.

It’s one of my favorite shows, but doesn’t really get going until Season 2. It’s always so strange to see interviews of Oliphant, Carter, and Goggins outside of the show, as none of them actually have a southern accent. I just can’t separate them from their characters. :slight_smile:

A little tougher to watch since I learned Nick Searcy (Art Mullen) is kind of an awful person though. Anti-vaxxer, anti-masker, huge conspiracy theorist, etc.

It also has one of my favorite quotes.

Wonderful things can happen when you sow seeds of distrust in a garden of a**holes.

“Did you roofie me Raylan ??”

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“If you run into an a—hole in the morning, you ran into an a—hole. If you run into a—holes all day, YOU are the a—hole.”


Battlebots. Like the UFC of robots.

Watching the Inaugural Celebration on CNN.

It has been amazing. Better than the old inaugurals.


Very proud to be an American today, I’m watching a recording of ABC’s coverage and it is excellent.

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I haven’t been able to see any of it, but I read that Bruce did “Land of Hopes and Dreams.” That alone makes it worth the price of admission.

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Just finished “The Dissident” this morning. This will probably be an Oscar nominee and covers the Jamal Khashoggi murder. I thought I followed the story but the movie really pulled a couple layers back. Great movie:

I watched “The Little Things” as well. Three Oscar winners but this script suuuuucked. Do not recommend. The trailer is better than the movie:

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I originally thought that WandaVision looked ridiculous, but it has actually turned out to be really good. It does require a pretty extensive knowledge of how all the Marvel Universe pieces fit together though, which may be a barrier for some.

If you give it a go, be sure to at least watch through episode 4. You’ll likely be scratching your head (but amused) until then.

I’m glad to hear episode 4 starts to make sense. I have not liked spidodes 1-3 at all, and I’ve been thinking bout bailing out. I wouldn’t mind the total nonsence if the show were otherwise enjoyable, but it’s been awfully cringe.

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White Tiger on Netflix was pretty good.

Yeah, give it one more episode at least. It still might not grab you (I enjoyed the first three episodes quite a bit), but I can guarantee it will make a lot more sense.

I’m watching Wandavision like I’d watch a movie like The Usual Suspects. I may not know exactly what’s going on, but I expect a payoff in the end, and every minute (or episode, in this case), the show becomes more intriguing. It does help if you’re a comics nerd.

One thing that might help is to watch an analysis video on YouTube. Emergency Awesome and New Rockstars offer commentary videos after each episode, and they go into heavy detail about every “Easter Egg”. If you’re not a comics nerd, these guys are, and they can provide some guidance.

One final point, this is a MCU production, and therefore I’m giving it my trust that the quality will be there. I think it has so far, even though the plot has unfolded in a rather esoteric way. When you get into the magical aspects of the Marvel Universe, things do start getting rather strange. Kind of like the Doctor Strange film.

I’m watching NBA TV and it’s not as entertaining as it once was. Anyone watch Fargo Season 4?

Finally finished The Mandalorian with the kids last weekend.

The Season 2 finale easily ranks in the top 5 of any TV show I’ve ever watched. My kids literally jumped off the couch when [spoiler] shows up.

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Just finished The Queen’s Gambit. I highly recommend it.


I don’t understand how there are Stormtroopers in the Mandalorian which takes place shortly after Return of the Jedi which ended with the Empire being destroyed.

The Rebel Alliance may have won the war by destroying Death Star II and killing the Sith, but that doesn’t mean all imperial forces would suddenly just dissipate into nothingness. I think it’s quite clear that some bad actors with imperial backgrounds still operate in the galaxy, and they are starting to mark their territories. Moff Gideon is one of these actors. He probably has plenty of former imperial resources at his disposal, including a lot of stormtroopers. Since millions of stormtroopers suddenly became unemployed, I would imagine quite a few would want to work with an enterprising evildoer like Gideon.