What do you love about Utefans?

I’ve known of Utefans since its inception. The cool thing about the site was the strong community. Obviously, the site did have its decline, but I’m grateful to LA and Rocker for stepping up and doing the right thing by bringing it back, and really, saving it.

As I’m sure most, if not all of you can relate, Utefans was my safe place during the first year or so of COVID-19. Speaking for myself, I can say that the site helped keep me connected, so I will always be in debt to the owners because I’m not sure what I would have done otherwise. I have really been impressed by the community we have now and I’ve developed some amazing friendships.

It wasn’t until recently that we had the time and resources to update things and elevate the site. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that we have slowly started to implement some changes. This is because Utefans.net is the “Original Home of the Ute Fan”, started in 1999 by Chris Evans. May he rest in peace.

I’ve been pensive today but I am so glad to have had this site in my life for over twenty years now. I wanted to ask the Utefans faithful what they loved about the site, and of course, if there is something we could do better. I’d love to hear that too. Some of my best memories have come from UF.N, and I expect many more memories to come. My opinion? The very best memories are yet to come. Thank you all for everything you have contributed and continue to contribute.

I love the quarterly dividend :slight_smile:

There is always someone smarter than me on here about a wide range of topics:

Utah hoops

I dont facebook so this is a good forum for me.


I agree with everything you said. The site is a fantastic resource. But also, you are a great contributor. I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

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So this is a challenge to the posters here. Some of you have been here for 22 years, some six months. Regardless, your opinions are very valid and you all make this site possible. So let’s hear it.

This was my go to place when I was recuperating from surgery 10 years ago.

Also, I have met and become friends with a lot of folks from this site. Too many to try to mention.

And, thanks to UFN, I now have a roommate in hell when I get there. Thanks Rocker.


You have always been loyal to the site and have good things to say. I sat in front of you at a football game years ago and enjoyed your chants and genuine enrhusiasm for our team. UF.N is incomplete without you.

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Just so you all know, I was clinically depressed last fall and decided to start the poetry thread. I was overjoyed at the response.

Okay I will give you guys some input and backhanded compliment. I was expecting most of you to be really big fat jerks and I have not been disappointed. J/k

But seriously, there’s some pretty good conversation here and I’ll hang around here as long as you guys will tolerate me. Which could be the start of football season. :joy:

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We love having you here! You mean a lot to the community. Hope to see you at a tailgate!

I’d like to hear from as many posters as possible. What makes this site valuable to you?

We’ve been so long from a real football season and even respectable basketball this is a forgotten part of this site, but I love the insider and institutional knowledge that flows through this place. We forget how knowledgable some posters are for various sports and how well-connected others are.

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I freely admit to my wife that I am still a juvenile in many ways—including my devotion to this board. I tell her that I don’t bowl, I don’t hunt or fish, and I don’t golf, so at least my wasted time is wasted at home.

Seriously, I had such great experiences as a student at the U., both as an undergrad and a law student, and have had such great experiences since then, that my blood is redder than red. This board has always enabled me to be connected to the U. and to the State of Utah during a 36-year absence. I’ve made friends, learned a lot, and been able to hang with people who love the U. the way I do. I can rejoice and mourn with fellow Utes fans. I’ve been able to learn how to forgive people—I have Rocker’s “Dress Like A Cowboy” prank to thank for that. (I have almost forgiven him. A few more years ought to do it.) I’ve also learned how to forgive all the Democrats who post here in the politics forum. You’re all wrong, but that’s not your fault.

Anyway, those are just a few things. Thanks to you all for being juveniles with me.


I get to post things like this…


We all get to say what we want. The humor is infectious here. Who knows how to bring back Senioritis???


I think your comment on the activity of the site is founded. My question is, what are you willing to do to change that?

I’m challenging all the posters here. Answer the question, otherwise, why are you here?

I love LA Ute.

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Same here.

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my mom always told me to remember, Lust isnt Love.

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LAUte is one of the finest people I know. I love Rocker too. They make the difference here, and we need to support them. This site really represents the very best things of the Utah fan base. We are asking everyone to step up and represent the school they love. So let’s go from there…