West Virginia leading 30-0 just after halftime

I don’t know anything about BYU this year, except that it’s their first season in the Big 12. I don’t know if West Virginia is any good either. Anyway, W. Va. is blowing BYU out. What does this mean for BYU’s bowl eligibility? I see from a headline that they are one win away from eligibility. Are there games still on their schedule that they could win?

Now 37-0. :joy:

It’s almost like playing in a P5 is more difficult than getting the equivalent of 5-6 JV scrimmages a year as an independent. Who knew?

Remaining schedule is Iowa State, Oklahoma, and Ok St. They might get bowl eligible.


Flying into Morgantown is a damned adventure.

That said, the Ecclesiastical school must not be living right. :wink:


On or off the field? We need to be specific.


I wonder if this ruined John Becks weekend?




Announcers just said they haven’t scored a TD in the past 7 quarters.

That amuses me greatly.


When told they are getting blown out, this the part where zoobs say “no, 5 quick TD’s and we’re right back in the game”


Iowa St. next week is their best chance to get another win, but are not favored. Shame. Slovis (maybe UCL iniury in elbow?) and their best WR are out for this game and a couple others. No depth. Run game I think sucks anyway. Their calling their backup #byjew (he is Jewish) which is a horrible take with the Israel war - probably getting karma for that. I hope they lose last 4 to be 5-7. No way we play them in a bowl game.


That’s a shame.


Are they seriously calling him #BYJew?


Just remember in 2025 y’all have to go to WVU. You better hope it’s a day game early in the season. The powers of the coal mines do something to that place for games in November. It’s even worse at Night. Seriously though, it sounds like a hell trip but it’s one of the pretty areas nobody wants to go in America:

And for the reason my kid toured Vanderbilt yesterday and not WVU:

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I think he likes the moniker.

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Massey’s algorithm gives them a roughly 43% chance to lose the last 3.


So, they think they can beat the Cyclones and lose to the two Oklahoma teams. I don’t think that is an off pick but the way Iowa State plays they could mess around and give them 0-3.


Where are you seeing this? Who are ‘they’ in this sentence?

I thought I saw Vegas odds with BYU as a favorite but I was wrong. It’s two equal teams with BYU at home though so I assume they may be favored.

What do you mean?

True to form, the mutants on CB are firing guns in every direction.

During the game, there was a really weird fawning over the new QB Ratzlaff, hype I haven’t seen since Jake Heaps… even though the team was getting blasted.

This morning, Kalani has to go, ARod must go, the OL coach should have been fired during fall camp. It’s inevitable in their collective mind that Jay Hill will be the coach, so might as well make the change now.

Mixed in is a call for Bronco to come back, and another post with some organizational behavior psycho-babble revealed by Dr. Mendenhall, himself: “Organizations are perfectly designed to provide the results they yield”

One post was about WV fans being pretty good to them. “WV fans are not Coastal Carolina fans in the slightest”. lol - that Coastal Carolina game really caused some PTSD, apparently.

Here’s a nice gem to conclude this surveillance: “We are desperate to get into a bowl game. Why?”


Peeked in to cooterbored :face_vomiting: this morning. Lots of weeping and angst. People calling for Sitake and Roderick’s heads. Full blown meltdowns. It’s sad and glorious at the same time.