Well, it was fun while it lasted

See you again in a few years. But with all that’s going on in college football, maybe not.

You’ll be OK, we’ll be OK, nothing lasts forever, and the end of a streak always happens when you least expect it.

When we beat Oregon, who just beat Ohio St, near the end of the season, no one will remember this (except Zoobs, and well, ■■■■ 'em).


I’ll be fine. It’s just a game.

Perspective. Found out in the 3rd quarter that a friend of 50 years (and co-worker for 35 years) lost his son to a drug overdose. So at about that point, I stopped caring about this game. I was hoping we could pull it out, but it just didn’t matter that much.


Well, wasn’t quite what I hoped for. How’s that for an understatement. Anyway, good job to BYU. Sitake had them ready, and BYU played a helluva game. Glad we’re in a conference.


Sorry for your friend; drugs take WAY too many that would otherwise still be with us.

And yes, as bad as this evening feels, football is just football.

Condolences to your friend.


Not to get sappy here, but I’ve mentioned we have a family friend - she’s basically my family’s adopted grandma - who has been dying for over a year and we’ve been caring for her (maybe someday I’ll talk about that experience for her - basically hell on earth).

She is a huge BYU fan, so over the years we’ve had some lighthearted pranks and ribbing. Yesterday morning she started to be non-responsive. My wife and I spent the afternoon into the evening with her until her daughter arrived. I was holding her hand and saying my goodbyes and I said to her among other things, “Hey, tomorrow is the BYU/Utah game… and I’ve decorated your whole home with Ute stuff…” She was able to work out a smile and that was the last response I was able to get from her. She knew I was joking about that.

She died almost exactly 24 hours ago from this post. I’m sitting here bothered by the loss but happy for her for a result that she would have loved to see. Our rivalry banter has been pretty one-sided for a number of years. So I’ll be happy for my coug friends and most of all for Bette tonight - that her beloved cougars finally won and that she is free from the pain and suffering she has endured for far far far too long.

It’s a game at the end of the day… and we’ll play them again and hopefully start a new streak. SDSU and conference ahead. RIP my much loved friend.


My mother is 87, suffers from Alzheimer’s, and lives in an assisted living facility. She attended BYU in the early 50’s, her siblings all graduated from the U, and her children all attended and/or graduated from the U.

I spoke with her this evening by phone as the game was beginning as she was reading a book before falling asleep. I reminded her that she has the remote on her bedside table, for the TV in her room and told her the channel on which she could find the game. I also reminded her that it was IN PROVO, and there was an historic 10 game win streak on the line.

She was tired and so I let if go…

I don’t mind suffering through this loss, as much as I mind having my mother miss the chance to experience a really rare win.

And, yet again, it is only football…


What a fun streak we had, but it had to end sometime. My son who plays high school football now was 3 the last time BYU-P beat us.

Kalani has proven he’s a good coach and he was confident and fired up on the sideline. Cougs looked good, we did not. We’ll start the streak anew and we have them at home to do it.


BYU and their coaches deserves props. The fact is, they showed up ready to play and outplayed us in every category. I’m 100% confident that this game will be a learning experience for the Utes and the coaching staff. So let’s see what the 2021 Utes can do from here on.


Thanks, @RockerUte and @salUTE for those great perspective-expanding posts.


Like many here, I suspect, there was a time when a loss to BYU would cast a pall over my life for the next few days, maybe even a week. I’m so glad that is in the distant past. These are young guys, they make mistakes, they make great plays, we love them, we love the University, and sometimes we lose unexpectedly. That’s OK. It’s life. And it is a pretty tiny part of life, as Rocker and Absolute have reminded us. Let’s enjoy the rest of this young season.


Well, so much for my “Brewer’s going to carve them up.” Think I’ll put my Nostradamus act on the shelf.

Didn’t see this coming and now not sure what’s ahead for us. SDSU doesn’t look like the slam dunk it once was. Thankfully, we’re in a conference, other than dropping in (or out) of the polls, the game is meaningless.

Kudos to the Cougars, they were extremely well prepped and took us to the woodshed. They maintained a high level of energy all night, didn’t fold. Last night was their 1988. Pretty much all of my analysis was off, except the potential of Micah Bernard to go vertical. Glad Redding nailed a long FG and Peasley was fine punting.

I’m with LA. So glad this is Week 2 and our players are resilient, glad we’re playing SDSU next. Don’t care much what happens with BYU the rest of the season, though I’m interested to see if there’s a hangover effect for them next week.

Thanks to @RockerUte and @salUTE for perspective. It’s a beautiful day - go out and soak up some of nature’s beauty.


My wife and I both lost grandmother’s to either Alzheimer’s or dementia. I can’t look at pictures of my grandmother without wishing she had been herself when she died. Mrs. CCU feels pretty much the same about her grandmother. We understand your suffering. Hopefully she remains your mother for a long time. My grandmother was not my grandmother when she died. She didn’t know me, or her own daughter for the last year or so before she died.


I was thinking about this exact thing after the game last night. Even as recently as 4-5 years ago, losing to BYU would have made me grumpy and frustrated. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep for hours after the game. I would have stewed on it for a few days. Etc., etc. Last night, I was disappointed but went right to bed. Woke up this morning after a great night’s sleep, and the game honestly didn’t even cross my mind once. It’s been a rather pleasant change, tbh, and I think there’s lots of reasons for it.

Part of it is simply the way the game unfolded. We got our asses kicked, without questions. There were no shenanigans, no bad refs, no weird endings, just a rather definitive whupping.

Part of it is that I honestly just don’t care that much about BYU any more. Props to them for beating us, and I can now go back to not caring about anything that happens to them for three years.

Part of is that while I encounter lots of people who are BYU fans, I very rarely run into actual Zoobs. We went to the Kid’s Market at Gardner Village yesterday in our Utah gear, and had a number of great conversations with BYU fans. Everyone was nice, friendly, and there was zero “smack talk” from anyone. I did get a text from my one Zoob co-worker at midnight, and simply responded with “Congrats, your guys kicked our butts”. I’m sure he’s disappointed about that.

Part of it is that my priorities have simply shifted as I’ve gotten older. I was far more invested in the outcome of my 12-year-old daughter’s soccer game yesterday than I was the Utah-BYU game, for example. There’s so many other things that feel far more important in my family and in the world, that I simply don’t give the same level of attention to the outcome of these games as I used to. There’s just not room in my brain for the energy required to be a “superfan” anymore. I’m happy when we win and bummed when we lose, but it all feels far less important than it used to.

Part of it is that the Utah/BYU game simply doesn’t have the same meaning any more. We’re not in the same conference. We’re not really playing for anything but bragging rights. It’s the second week of the season. It means very little in the grand scheme of things. Hell, I’d much rather lose to BYU and beat USC than vice versa.

Instead of wasting a day being frustrated because we lost to BYU, I instead got up and went for a run early this morning. It was a beautiful day, and I set a new personal best 5K time (32:02). I plan on spending the rest of the day watching the NFL, playing board games with the kids, and trying to get my final set of raid gear in Final Fantasy XIV. All of those sound like pretty great alternatives to being grumpy over a loss. :slight_smile:


Just goes to show just how special streaks are. BYU flat outplayed us last night. They didn’t want to be the team that got to make history in reverse.

Props to them on their winning effort.

Next game up.

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When he had had a couple of seconds to throw he did pretty well. But the BYU d-line pretty much manhandled our o-line all night, and they seemed to blitz at will without us ever making them pay.

In health care, catastrophes like last night are called “opportunities for improvement.” The BYU game presents the Utes with a great opportunity.

I couldn’t agree more with everything that’s been written here. I have congratulated all of my extended family and close friends who are Y fans by saying that Kalani had his boys ready to go and that they whipped us in every category. They’ve all been cordial.

I had to smile this morning when I fired up RiseAndShout.net to see what I’d find there. Watching the total move from more than 4,300 days to zero was a lot less painful than I thought it would be. Classic comment at the bottom of the page, LOL. Hats off to whoever runs that site.
My family and I will be at the SDSU game on Saturday. We’re hoping that Whit has things right by then. SDSU looks like they’re no pushover. GO UTES!


One other aspect that has been touched on, but I think played a big factor last night.

That game was truly BYU’s Super Bowl. It was the most important game of the season for them, without question. They could end up 6-6 this year (although I think they’ll do better) and the season would be considered a huge success simply because they beat Utah.

We weren’t able to match that intensity, and it showed in every facet of the game. That’s not an excuse, mind you, as good teams should absolutely be able to match that sort of emotion. For whatever reason, we didn’t and they took full advantage. That was a “want it” game, and they wanted it far more than we did. Kudos to BYU for being up to that challenge and shame on our guys for not.
My hope is that we can reach down and find that same level of effort when we begin conference play.

I think there’s something to be said for a team with as many key positions being transfers as we do needing a bit of time to gel. I’ll keep hoping that it happens, anyways.


One other thing about playing them. For the past several years, I haven’t really had great joy over beating them, just relief that we got past them with a win and no injuries.

Like I’ve said before, for me this game was a no win situation. If we won, it was because we were supposed to win. I’m glad that we don’t play them again for three years. And I don’t really care that they now have “bragging rights” until we play again.