Week 11 college football

And UCLA goes down to UA!


Q- What do you call a weekend where the top of the conference gets shook up by losses?

A- Just another weekend in “The Conference of Cannibals.”


Just a bad year of WR Corp and our OC is dog ■■■■. Both the Tennessee and LSU loses are based on the fact we had zero deep ball threat. As for @77ute question, yes. Some teams have def caught up. Georgia has really become the team to catch over Alabama and Clemson in the region.

That all said, Coach Saban has currently the #2 class from last season and the current #1 class. He will get the staff right and they can be back to what we’re used to. Also, moving forward being top 4 won’t matter.

It is weird a Top 10 team with probably 10 wins is a down year. I would have paid so much for that pre-2007. It’s wild this is the third time since the Utah Sugar Bowl they are not playing for a National Title. I don’t know if we’ll see a run like that again.

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Yeah, this is the every couple years really good but not great Bama team. Crazy that in 15 years, only a couple of times outsode of BCS or CFP. NIL is a piece, but not as much for AL since it’s a path to NFL while Saban is there. Once he retires, it’s done. But football will he totallt different (already changing).

There were folks cheering last night when Oregon lost. I don’t get that, unless it’s just that those that cheered really hate Oregon. It wasn’t good for the conference, and we still have to beat them to get into the Conference Championship game. Oregon losing didn’t make our path easier.


Exactly, plus WHEN we beat them, we will have beaten a now 2 loss team that will have a lower ranking. That loss was not a win for us.


Logic evades people in many ways.


I may be crazy but I see interest in football going down over the next two decades.

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Doesn’t really matter. We win out and we are Rose-bound playing loser of Ohio St./Mich. If we beat Oregon, they are out of CCG anyway. We don’t need SOS. We don’t need a ranking. We jist have to win.

Whether this deflates them (or Nix is hurt) or makes them mad, we still have to bring our best in a tough road game. They were going to get up for this game no matter what due to what we did to the last year twice.

We win out, we are in the Rose. We beat Oregon and CU but lose to ? In CCG (USC? If UCLA beats USC, could have 4-way tie for 2nd), we probably go to Alamo? We lose to Oregon, we go Holiday or Vegas?

It’s all in our control. UW entered the picture as potentially being a 10-2 team. Maybe the tiebreakers end up putting them in CCG.

BTW, if USC is 11-1 going into CCG, they win and have an outside chance at CCG. Good for PAC12, but not for us because we want to beat them again.


UCLA is going to beat USC, and if Oregon beats Utah there will be 4 teams at the top with 2 losses. That is so this conference.


I keep seeing Utes playing Notre Dame in Holiday bowl predictions. I probably will attend that.

No photo description available.


Their defense sucks too.


63-61 type of game with DTR jumping up and down like a TDS defender who just made a tackle for a 7 yard gain on 1st and 10

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Saban and Alabama have been successful to the point where I don’t think it will ever be duplicated again. They still have incredible talent, and as you said, have the number one class currently. Alabama isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it is news when Alabama loses a game, and a total “stop the press” moment when they, horror of horrors, actually lose two.

There are problems and then there are problems I suppose.

Being glad you are bowl eligible, but still worried about beating Vanderbilt and the clowns in Tallahassee…that is a real problem.


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I’ll just leave this here…


Since when is sports about logic?

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Why not? A few of us former D1 athletes actually tried to incorporate logic into our athletic lives. Of course YMMV.

That triggers a question. When was the last the the Gamecocks were good for more than a season? As far as I can remember, they’ve been pretty irrelevant for a long time.