Week 11 college football

LSU vs. Arkansas yawn. 3rd quarter and just 3 field goals

Pitt was beating UVA 14-0 in the 1st 16 seconds! 2 pick-6

Always seems like one block (10, 1:30, 5:30, 8) have multiple good games and the rest are not as interesting. You just never know which time it is.

Go Utes
Go Longhorns


13-10 LSU getting a little better

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Sans LSU - HOGS, the scoreboard so far is a big yawn. Hopefully the second games are more competitive.

Jayden Daniels is 8 for 15 for 86 yards and 1 INT


That’s a shame.


It’s weird seeing Alabama looking just ordinary and not dominant. Are teams catching up or is the Tide lacking something in particular this year?

Their receivers are not good and I think their lines aren’t as dominant (not reloading quite as much?)

WSU up on ASU 28-0 at half

I hope we win this one. We have 281 yards rushing in the first half.



I normally don’t brag on Florida this much, but we had a break down once on special teams and messed up in thier red zone twice. Withouth that, that would have been a massacre of epic proportions.

Florida just clobbered the gamecocks.



Washington looking better than I expected against Oregon so far.

I really don’t want to see WA win and leave Utah facing a very angry Oregon next week :disappointed:

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I think they will be deflated rsther than angry. 2 losses puts them out of playoff contention. Either way, a decent defense is showing that OU offense can be slowed.


Oregon can be slowed. That said, our defense needs to practice tackling fundamentals. The Huskies could be throwing a shutout if not for the missed tackles.

On to the second half.

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Are either Oregon or Washington playing defense or is this an offensive show?

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I stand corrected. Washington is showing some fight.

So when are the tv networks going to figure out a football game isn’t 3 hours long?


yeah, by the time espn gets this game on the screen, it could be practically over

Bo Nix helped off the field, doesn’t look good.

Mild Kittens up on Little Bears 14-0.