Week 10 games

So, Clemson lost big to ND.

Tennessee lost to UGA. Sad, but not much of a surprise in retrospect.

Alabama loses in OT to LSU. Guess, as Ute fans we wanted Bama to win. Regardless didn’t happen that way.

TCU comes back to win by 10. Good for them, but would have preferred Tech winning that game.

KState lost to the Teasips. I’m not really sure what to think here, except that KSU will drop and Texas will some how move into the top 10.

The 2 most disgusting programs won, MSU and PSU. Both should have been shut down by their schools, but money talks.

And somehow, Kansas has become bowl eligible. Good for them.

Not really. Give as many SEC teams losses. Also, they don’t deserve crap this year. BOB is a horrible OC and the DC needs to go as well. The WRs were never a factor all season. Get this team to the Music City Bowl and call it a day.

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LSU losing would have helped us with rankings, they are or were #10. I should have been more clear.

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They will have three losses.

You are correct, or at least will be eventually. LSU seems built like Clemson, ready to lose, but to who?

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Georgia. I don’t really see anyone beating them anyway.

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Didn’t realize LSU plays Georgia this year, but didn’t look too far at their schedule. Georgia definitely looks to be the creme de la creme of this years CFP potentials.

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They will in SEC a title game.

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Just thought I would chime in here. Obviously, I am glad Florida beat aTm. We needed that one to even attempt to get to the 8-4 mark I made as a successful season.

Napier sent a message by dismissing one of our better defensive players from the team earlier in the week. To be honest, it would not surprise me to see 40 new names on the roster next season, via recruiting and the portal.

Richardson played a pretty good game. Nice touch on some passes and a 60 yd td run and no turnovers from him. Speaking of turnovers, we haven’t had any in the last three games, and forced a few, so there is an improvement.

I wish we hadn’t have crappped the bed against Kentucky, but the other losses aren’t really all that surprising or embarassing(UGA, UT, LSU).

Bowl eligibility is the goal now, and I think we will get there, although none of our remaining games will be easy, and yes, I include Vanderbilt in that.

Rock on.



Saw that you Napier dismissed Cox. Seems like it was a good move. Great talent on field, less than spectacular off the field. IMO that shows that everybody is accountable for their actions.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well you guys played against a down A&M team. Just had to get the job done, and did so nicely.

Looking at your 3 remaining games, I see at least 2 wins in there for you. So going bowling looks like a real chance to me.

Kentucky has looked good, for the most part. I don’t think they’re great, but are good.

This may sound odd, but our loss to you is staring to look like a wtf loss. I can’t knock your teams win over my Utes, but it still stings.

I’m already excited for the rematch between our 2 teams next year at RES. It should be fun. FWIW, altitude is a real thing. Ask USC, many of their players looked gassed by halftime. I can speak from experience about it too. Living 200 ft above sea level, then going to Salt Lake to visit takes a lot of energy just to breath. If I try to do anything, holy crap my heart rate jumps. It won’t be as bad for in condition (aerobically) athletes, but they’ll still feel it.

It will be a great experience for all Gators, whether team members or fans, as Utah is really an amazing state. The altitude will be a lesser issue than the surroundings.

Time will tell, but I do not think Napier is messing around. I am still all in on him. Some want the head of the DC, and others want him to hire an OC. I am far more patient.

Go Utes and Go Gators!



I vote Rowdy Reptile as the coolest non Ute on the board. Plus he post some cool music on the "What are you listening to " thread


I have an affinity to @BamaFanNKY. He’s introduced me to a few country artists who are in my regular rotation.

Although @RowdyReptile has really good taste in music too.

Suffice it to say, my music tastes go all over the board depending upon my mood.

I really like having both here, and @ghostofOCGreg here because they help keep us from becoming an echo chamber.



I will say I do love me some Willie Nelson though !

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Look up Colter Wall. He’s got some good stuff. @BamaFanNKY introduced me to Colter. I like what I’ve heard. Reminds me of Johnny Cash a little, among others.

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This is easy to explain. Florida got lucky. It is no more complicated than that.


Thanks. I like some country as well, but it would be like Johnny Cash type stuff. I even like some Patsy Klein stuff and the like. I just dig Rock and the blues more. To each his or her own, right.


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My music goes all across the board, except for the Top 40 hip hop. Just can’t get into it.

I try to listen to all genres. I am old school, or so I was told, with hip hop, but that one, I will post in the appropriate board.


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My musical tastes are pretty wide also, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk,Soul and Reggae. If I hit shuffle you might get Coltrane followed by Frank Zappa followed by John Lee Hooker followed by Weather Report. Keep the music coming, always excited to hear something new !