Week 10 games

But no Jim Nabors please !

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Oh for Gods sake! Do I have to list Bert Convey and John Daviddon too !:rofl:


I still can’t bring myself to push the play button on the Bob Goulet video

Ahhh, Yes! Good ole Zappa… Haven’t played anything of his in a long time, thanks for the reminder. Most people think of him as purely weird, but he was actually a gifted composer and musician. He did a music clinic in about 1972 at Westminster College, which had a great Jazz Program at that time. I was in high school at East High, so I and a friend stuffed school, hitchhiked to Westminster, and met him personally and listened to his lectures and playing for an afternoon. It was a fabulous!

One of my early favorites:


That’s a cool story ! Bummed I never got to see him, he had a bunch of talented musicians play with him throughout his years and yes he was a great composer