We Are Going to Kill These Putzes

Utah Insults from Gator Board

They seem to be ignorant swamp runners.

Utes by 21+

Mostly tasteless. But some were creative. Does it make for bulletin board material? Dunno, perhaps. All I can say, is, “Go Utes!!” I hope that we win by double digits to get the season rolling.


Not the best rap material, but seems in jest and pretty innocuous.
I’m sure there will be “dialogue” in the trenches.
Don’t start no ■■■■, wont be no ■■■■…


The Utes to Florida will go,
To the depths of a swamp, from the snow
Their QB’s no wizard
A gator’s just a dumb lizard
It’s time Utes put on a show

The Gators feel they will romp
On Utes they deign to chomp
Utah will run and pass
They’ll just whoop that ■■■
Until the bottom feeders are stomped.


I thought those were pretty funny.


Well, the people that actually have to play the Utes are showing respect in the press conferences so far. Idle chatter on a fanatic message board …who cares.

My early score predicition, and it pains me, but it is probably so. Utah 38 UF 21. The other scenario is you run us out of our own stadium. It is a lot to ask of Napier, who I think can do great things at Florida, in his first year with the deficiencies on the roster.



It has been fun to have you around the board. I enjoy hearing different views from fans around the country. While i really want my Utes to win. This game will be fantastic either way.


I know. I was just screwing around because I was bored that day. All in fun.

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The players and coaches will mind their P’s and Q’s.

The fans…they get to be knuckleheads. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I don’t know if I’m confident enough to go with 38-21. I have a feeling it will be a FG either way with the team with the last possession winning. It should be a fun trip regardless and I’m ready for some humidity and temps lower than 100.

I’m calling it. Utah wins handily. 99-2.

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Utah 11 Florida 3

Utah - 42 Gators - 17

UTES: 35
Gator’s get rolled 24

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I agree. No offense taken by any of that fine southern poetry.

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Have some faith. It’ll be closer than that. At home. In the swamp. During the hottest part of the day.

Utah by 9.

-ty seven. Utah by 97.


Utah by 5.

It’s what we do. :wink:

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Florida is not Ohio State, they finished with a losing record last year 6 - 7.

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There once was a Florida man.

That’s it. That’s the whole limerick.