We Are Going to Kill These Putzes

Awesome. We’re going to kill these putzes.


It’s great to see Vele, a guy who joined the program as a walk-on, starting at WR and also at kick returner. I think we will see a lot from him in the next 2-3 years.

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Hope he can live up the the recent hype. I saw, think it was the Trib, that he’s been talking more with Covey about stepping up. Hope he’s learned a ton, and is able to take that to heart and apply it well.

Yep we gave up just like our coach. C’mon down to the Swamp only Gators get out alive. New coach new attitude.

Your team is going to be barbecued gator.

I hate all this bragadicio “We’re gonna kick your ■■■” talk. It only makes you look like a giant wiener if your team enfs up losing! Save it for after the game.

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Good point. Utah 98-2. Gotta stay humble.

I know that there are those who will disagree with me and… whatever… but it makes me shake my head that fans making racist and sexist remarks are (rightfully) crucified, but it is somehow ok to denigrate the faith of others. I’ve been alive long enough that this tripe doesn’t really get under my skin - I don’t need external approval to believe what I believe - but I can only imagine the furor that would happen if the “Mormon” in their limericks were replaced with “blacks” or some variant of “LGBTQ.”


Cool. We’re gonna whoop that ■■■.

Since virtually none of us would possibly even make the bench, it’s probably better to just let the boys work things out…


Same porous defense from last year, Gators can’t stop the run game and they have new Defensive backs.

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Too bad we dont have RB talent, and deep this year

WE are deep at RB as well. Trouble is, is our OL going to look like a group that knows what it is trying to do. If they do, it will be a change frome the last few years.