Utes vs. Thunderbirds

Utes up 41 - 30

Brandon Carlson out due to injury. Not sure what, but he’s on the bench tonight

Pretty lackluster defense so far. Not an overly impressive first half.


We need to step it up in the second half

up 17 and then cut to 6

We play like this Saturday we will get annihilated.

Perhaps Utah is not as far along as we had thought. Not a good showing tonight. SUU is not a good team.

Ugly win

Some of the shots they hit were insane though.

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It’s interesting that SUU has a player named Zion Young, and he’s not from Utah.

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I am not optimistic about Saturday. And by the way, how did a doofus like Pope get BYU so good so fast?

Utah would be undefeated with the Zoobs schedule

I think Saturday will tell us if BYU really is that good.

If you look at Pomeroy, BYU is #5, but their schedule is 293!

Utah is #32, but their schedule is 28!

It’s hard to really say who’s “that good”


Assume sweet grass being sarcastic

they’ve played one solid team at home. San Diego St ( whose about to lose at Grand Canyon tonight)

I think Utah wins on Saturday

By comparison, SUU’s SOS is 76….

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What’s word on Brandon? Saw no sign of a limb when he walked out with team.

maybe precautionary, thats what the announcers speculated

Yeah, I get that, but they are also winning by 30 a night.

So in contrast you’d expect Utah to not be blowing teams out when the schedule is far more difficult.

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Utah blew out Eastern Washington by 35 and UC Riverside by 29?